Speedbump Work

Speedbump Work

Posted on behalf of Soul Glow:
Eleven pax endured South Charlotte’s final chilly morning of the season for a full body beatdown and a little cardio for good measure.
The Thang:
SSH X 25 (IC)Deep Squat X 20 (IC)Mountain Climbers X 15 (IC)Jack Webb – 1 merkin, 4 air press – up to 8 merkin, 32 air press

Mosey to speed bumps

Rd 1. Bear crawl to first speed bump, walking lunge to second speed bump, bear crawl to third speed bump, etc… all the way to end.

 – Alternate high knees and butt kicks all the way back

Rd 2. Alternate crab walk and plank walk at each speed bump. All the way down. Modify as needed.  – Jog back

Rd 3. Suicide sprint – five speed bumps total
Mosey to movie theater parking lot hill
Run to the top, five merkins, run down. Rinse and repeat for five total sets.
Two minutes of Semi Gloss
 – Minute one: 20 air press, LLH, regular, RRH, regular

 – 60 second hold

MaryFreddie Mercury: five fast, five slow (IC) x 25Protractor: 90, 45, 10, 20, 30, 40, 90, 10 (hold for Spackler 10 count, Mermaid 10 Count)

Great effort by all the pax today on a crisp morning at Stonecrest. Hopefully we can now all retire our toboggans for good. Personally, I’m looking forward to breaking my white “semi-pro-inspired” head band back out. We almost got bailed out on our speed bump work due to delivery truck activity but the pax were so eager we made it work. Lots of crowd pleasers. Long plank walks = bad idea. Noted. The look on Fireman Ed’s face as we approached the hill was priceless. I knew he was thinking of last week’s 35 trips up the hill – backwards – wondering what might be in store this time. In comparison five trips up and down – forwards – with a few merkins was a breeze. Welcome back to Crab Cake after a long injury layoff. Hope you’re still walking well after lunch. Welcome to Rebel Yell, Mermaid. Hope you make it back again. Special thanks to Splinter for taking us out. I agree, hearing the birds chirping is a welcome sign and one that I’m thankful for.



Updated link for payment of bus/sundries for April 12 mud run: Area 51 Mud Run Bus Payment

Two new 3rd F groups starting soon.  One in the Southpark area and one in Ballentyne.  Both will be lunch time.  Look for these announcements in the weekly email or talk to Splinter, Hops or Semi-Gloss.

F3 has reserved several tables for the annual YMCA community prayer breakfast on Thursday, April 24.  Cougar from the Metro region is organizing.

F3 golf – Sign up now even if you don’t have a foursome. Still plenty of sponsorship opportunities.  See Cottonmouth for details.

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10 years ago

Pleasure to get out at RY. Strong lead SG. Last cold AM.

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