Head for the Mountains – The Maul

Head for the Mountains – The Maul

Seventeen strong posted at The Maul this morning.  We didn’t want a repeat of last week’s sacrifice to the Murderhorn, but with only a couple weeks left before the mud run, we are committed to cardio!  So we tackled some “mini-murderhorns” instead.

The Thang:

Mosey to center parking lot for warm-up:

SSH X 25, Slow Squats X 25, Peter Parker Merkins X 20

Mosey past the Target w/ lunge walks on the way.  Arrive at first hill.

Ladder #1: 11 count ladder with squats at the top, merkins at the bottom.

Indian Run to next hill for Ladder #2: 7 count ladder with burpees at the top, backward lunges at the bottom.

Mosey back to the center for Mary.  PAX took turns choosing an exercise and calling cadence:

Slow bicycle X 20 (Haggis)

“Planks” (Frasier) – Honestly, the exercise Frasier put us through might have another name.  I can’t really do it justice here except to say it was a combo of six inches, one heel up, then raise your leg and… whatever it was really hard.  You had to be there.

Rosalita X 25 (Luggi), J-Los X 10 (Worm), LBCs X 25 (Gumbo)

Mosey to last hill for: bear crawl up, 5 jump squats, jog down, 10 sit-ups. Repeato

Finish with combo of planks an merkins – AYG merkins to finish.

Announcements: Sign up for F3 Golf Event, BRR, and of course Hagis’s mountain run taking place this Saturday!

Moleskin: Intentionally tough workout today to build on some of the more intense cardio we’ve been doing lately.  The extended ladders are tough given the steep hills at the Maul.  Good job and congrats to everyone for finishing and building your endurance for Mud Run and beyond.

Always a pleasure to lead a great group. 

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