Zip-A-Dee’s Wild Ride and 4 point beatdown

Zip-A-Dee’s Wild Ride and 4 point beatdown

Double E and Horse Head represented at the 3 mile run @ 6:15 (Strong Work EE & HH) and were joined by the remaining 6 PAX for the 7-8 am beatdown.
– SSH x25
– IW x25
– IS x15
– Perfect Merkins x10
– LBCs x20
– Lunge In Place x20
– Mosey over to hill in front of Elem School
Partner up for 7’s
– P1 sprint up hill Burpees x1
– P2 scissor crunches x7
– Switch and repeato until 7 burpees and 1 scissor crunch by both partners

– Indian Run to rock pile at the HS. Pick-a-big’en and line up across end zone of practice field.
Partner up again…
Round 1
– P1 sprint to 50 yard line / 10 Merkins / sprint back to end zone
– P2 curls with your rock until partner returns
Round 2
– P1 sprint to 50 yard line / 10 Merkins / sprint back to end zone
– P2 overhead triceps extension with your rock until partner returns
Round 3
– P1 sprint to 50 yard line / 10 Merkins / sprint back to end zone
– P2 bent over row with your rock until partner returns
Floor Sweepers x30 (left, center, right) each partner
– Return your rocks
Hand off to Zip-A-Dee for second half
– Mosey over to Elem School with a burpee x10 pain station along the way
– Bear crawl up the ramps behind the school
– Mosey around the corner to the bus pick up spot

Zip-A-Dee’s Wild Ride and 4 point beatdown
– 20 step ups
– 30 Dips
– 20 Mule Kicks on Wall
– Walk the Plank down the rails
– Repeato x 4

– Mosey around to the front of the school
– Peoples Chair with Air Press
– Repeato x3
– Mosey back to shovel flag
6 MoM
– Back Scratchers x20
– LBCs x20
– Flutter Kicks x20 and…. Hold’em for 60 (Thanks to DK for this impromptu pain)
– Rosalita

Moleskin: A little confusion in the directions handed out by YHC during the hill work resulted in half the PAX doing scissor crunches until their partner returned from burpees. Double E and a few others did the extra work on this and the result = solid core work workout on top of the O2 deprivation caused by burpees and hill sprints. During the bear crawls up the ramp DK not only lead the way for these (of course) but he also started back down the stairs, bear style, before the rest of the PAX could reach the top. Once you get DK on all fours it’s hard to slow him down. Z’s Wild Ride and 4 point beatdown is Zip-A-Dee’s very own home grown recipe for inflicting pain and always a crowd pleaser. This Sat was no different as was proven as the mumble chatter went silent after about the second round and the only noise to be heard was shuffling of feat moving station to station and groaning.
I feel like I left a couple of things out from the second half so speak up if you remember anything I should have noted.

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10 years ago

Zip-A-Who? I didn’t know he was still alive.

10 years ago

He was in Sochi covering the Nordic 10k. #Lars

10 years ago

Good workout. Old school, back to basics, the original Outland Qs showing how it’s done.

– HH

Hair Band
10 years ago

Great workout, and I agree with HH, great having the original Outland Q’s back at it.

The beatdown also had this guy with no asthma having an asthma attack. More likely, as CT pointed out, allergies are in high gear this time of year.

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