DMZ Backblast

DMZ Backblast

26 PAX gathered at the DMZ. The Metro and Southie PAX commenced with the mumble chatter and the beatdown began.

The Thang: Run into the Evangelical Free establishment. Cut through the courtyard and back to the front.

Warm Up: SSH X 30, Imperial Walker X 15, Merkin X 14, Mtn Climber X 15

Run to the back side of the Brickhouse.

3 man teams: 1 does 6 burpees/12 derkins and then People’s Chair, 2 does 20 dips/20 derkins, 3 runs between. Rinse and repeat for a while. Steady decline in derkins. Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Run to the bottom of the hill. Partner up for Frank Abagnales: Partner A does 3 burpees while B runs backwards alongside the Brickhouse. A catches B and flapjack to the top.

Mary (Dolly, LSF, Rosalita, others I can’t remember)

Karaoke right/left to bottom of the hill. Rinse and repeat Frank Abagnales.

More Mary (Crimean Twists, Knee Ups, Freddy Mercuries)

Run to the bottom. 10 burpees OYO. Run to courtyard for last segment of Mary (6 inches, Over/Unders, Elbows).

Mosey to COT.


Evangelical Free confused the PAX, particularly Dredd.

T-Claps to Snoop for posting down south. Very much appreciated brother.

No announcements. Swiper with the follow on DMZ Q next week (#2InARow).

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9 years ago

Nice change of pace. Had to run a few red lights from uptown to make it on time but glad I did! See y’all again soon…snoop out

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