7 for 7 minute mary and tour

7 for 7 minute mary and tour

7 Faithful showed up this morning for a tour the long way around Target.

The Thang
25 Imperial Walker IC
25 Mountain Climber IC
Hold Plank for 30 seconds.  Good form
15 Low,Slow, Squat IC

Mosey to the speed bumps
Bear-crawl to first bump
20 Merkins
Bear-Crawl to next bump
15 Merkins
Karaoke to the left
10 Merkins
Karaoke to the right
5 Merkins
Side Shuffle left
5 Merkins
Side Shuffle right
5 Merkins

Find some wall
1 minute semi-gloss then walk it out
1 minute semi-gloss (get lower) walk it out

To The Hill
Partner-up for combined 200 LBC Count

  • Partner 1 runs from lot up hill does 10 cadence count jumping lunges
  • Partner 2 stays at bottom and does LBCs until P1 returns
  • Flapjack until 200 complete (two hill rounds for everyone)

Indian Run to Michaels
Do not proceed forward until man is at front of line.

Line up for Burpee-Suicides
15 Burpees
10 Burpees
5 Burpees
Run it out on last Set all the way down

Mosey back to start for Jack
Typical pattern: 1 Push, 4 Press to 6.  Then back to 1.

Hit the Pavement for 7 Minutes of Mary
20 x Wide straight leg alternate leg situps.  Both sides = 1.  IC
20 x Reverse Crunch IC
20 x Heels to Heaven IC
20 x Russian/Mson Twist IC (ouch)
20 x Back-scratchers with deep reach IC (Spackler’s call)

Small crowd today but that didn’t stop us from hitting the pavement hard.  Bear crawls were nasty, as usual.  Probably something to do with the fact YHC didn’t remember the stretch behind the stores to be that long. YHC had planned for more hill work but it was time to move on.  Great work out there by everyone.  Shout to Spackler for the solo run.  Or did he?  Maybe Chipotle has some insight.  He was there early but may have been on the facebooks instead of stretching.  Happy to have him back full-session with out an escape.

New 3rd F starting in cafeteria near Southpark.  See emails/web for details.
Consider running/donating to Chelms aka Tatertot/Abacus in honor of their brother.  See links below:

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