Patterns at the Matrix

Patterns at the Matrix

11 men toed the line at The Matrix to prepare for the week ahead

Run around the fields to COP

SSH x 20 in cadence

IW x 20 in cadence

Mtn Climber x 20 in cadence

Merkins x 15 in cadence

Mtn Climber x10 in cadence

IW x 10 in cadence

SSH x 10 in cadence

Run around back of school to track

Devils workout – 6 sets of 6 reps of 6 called exercises

1)      Merkins

2)      Squats

3)      Burpees

4)      Flutter

5)      Squats

6)      Burpees

Mosey to wall for Peoples Chair

1 minute then 20 Merkins

1 minutes with some single leg time then 15 incline Merkins

1 minute with some arm flutter then 10 decline Merkins

Mosey to Jungle Gym for partner work

Partner 1 does pull ups AMRAP while Partner 2 does abs then flapjack

Round 1 – LBC

Round 2 – Dolly

Round 3 – Heels to Heaven

Find another Pair for relay race



1)  Alf was in beast mode today, giving the Devil everything he could handle

2)  YHC may have been a little predictable today.  When squats were called the second time someone (Splinter?) said something to the effect of “we know what’s next”.  The next round was  burpees.  Predictable, maybe.  Painful, definitely.

3)  Always a privilege to lead.  Good look to all the GRC Custom PAX.  See you Friday!

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