At a Medium Pace

At a Medium Pace

10 forsake the temptation of fart sacking and enter the gloom for an early morning beat down. I can’t believe it was 70 later today.

Warm up:

2 Laps around the parking lot while we wait on the late comers.

SS X 20
IW X 20
Squats X 20
MC X 20
Merkins X 10

I nice mosey to the bathroom area;

Everyone partner up
Partner 1 runs to the track and does a lap
Partner 2 runs to the baseball field and does
15 X incline merkins
15 X dips
15 X pull-ups
15 X squats

Then they meet back at the bathroom area and do 10 burpees total
Flip Flop and repeat for 35 mins

Finally some Mary, as I think it was requested several times during this workout, can’t remember by who though.
20 X LBC
10 X Dolley
10 X Flutter
10 X Rosalita
10 X heels to Heaven


Solid effort by the pack today, I know it was a bit of a tough one for basecamp. The purpose of today was to allow everyone to push themselves and still be going at your own pace not the pace of the whole pax. We will probably do something like this every few months so everyone can see if they are getting stronger. Great job LD taking us out

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