Mary, Mary, why you buggin???

Mary, Mary, why you buggin???

9 men arrived in Outland’s gloom for this a.m.’s painfest. The Late Show brought his personal brand of pain to the fields of Outland for a memorable beatdown.

– SSH x20
– IW x20
– Perfect Merkins x10
– Imperial Squats x15
– Little Baby Crunch x20

Run to field behind Middle School
– Lunge Walk
– Reverse Lunge Walk
– Lunge Walk
– Reverse Lunge Walk

Run to Elementary School Playground and Plank-o-rama

She Hate Me 10 mins
Station 1 – Toe taps on bench x40
Station 2 – Mule Kicks on Swing
Station 3 – Split Squats x20 per leg
Station 4 Hanging Leg Lifts x10

COP Mary Session # 1
– planks, leg lift, and dolly’s
– Lunge walk
– Indian Run to High School
Hand off to The Late Show for Part 2
(12) supine rows at the dip bar station
(3) each leg – one leg walkouts
(12) lunges, walking forward
(12) merkins (aka “Americans” by Late Show)
(12) lunges, walking backwards
(12) prisoner squats – keep those chests up and out!

mosey to the rock pile and pick out a friendly pet
mosey to stadium with you pet rock over your head
hop the fence! anyway you can.

line up under the uprights with your pet rock

(24) alternating knee to elbow with rock extended out in front of your chest
partner up and wheelbarrow (flapjacking as needed) to hit the 50 yard line
side shuffle toward the goal line, switching sides every 10 – 20 yards
mosey back to your rock
partner 1 runs to the near 30 yard line and back while partner 2 does rock thrusters
partner 1 runs while partner 2 does merkins
some superman style plank work
breath a second
(24) alternating apollo ohno’s – (aka speed skater side jump lunges)

mosey with your pet rock back to the pile
reverse plank your elbows
for fun (10) burpees on your own
mosey to the flag for…

6 or so MoM (I forget exactly)
Freddy Mercury
back scratchers
v-tucks (look Zippy – no hands!!)
peter parkers
plank side straddle hops (nice audible Top!! those were horrendously good!)

Moleskin:  “Kotters” to Vila, Dream and Stealth and welcome to Glass Joe.  Keep gettin at it gents.  Glass Joe so named due to the fortunate/unfortunate similarity of his real name “Micah Tyson” to his eponym Mike Tyson.  Consider yourself lucky GJ.  We almost landed on Robin but you’re not quite lovely enough to bring the image of Robin Givens to life.

Weinke in hand, The Late Show was on time, on point, on the money this a.m. Q’ing the second half of the workout. Great job!

An extra helping of Mary today should provide a painful reminder that your core is involved in every move you make over the next couple days… enjoy.

Horse Head ran his own pre workout beatdown/rundown with a 3 mile appetizer before the main course launched @ 7.  #F3Strong.  HH is lined up to Q next week.  BRING THE PAIN!!!

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10 years ago

Just finished four straight hours of cutting down trees with a chainsaw and clearing fallen brush at Moms house. Also pulled the rope on an old generator about a hundred times to get it running. I am completely DONE. Kettlebell < Chainsaw when it comes to forearm burn.

What a day!

Hair Band
10 years ago

Sorry I had to bail boys, I was down for the count with sinus infection #2. Looking forward to getting back at it with all of you next week.

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