Campus tour

Campus tour

12 men and 1 ruck-tard joined together to take the full campus tour of SCMS. And surprisingly, everyone was on time. No LIFO award. #dowork

mosey parking lot and circle it up.

Ssh x 10, IW x 10, Arm circles x 10 front/back, Mtn Climbers x 10

10 burpies OYO

moset to football field

merkin-fest – Regular x 10, Wide x 10, Diamond x 10, hand release x 10

forgot the 10 burpies. Won’t happen again

mosey to stairs, rail walk on the way

grab a step and proceed to calf raise and one legged squats. Reg calf x 10, left then right legged squat x10, toes in x 10, squats, toes out x 10, squats

10 burpies oyo

mosey to baseball fields

Suppine pullups x 10, dips x 10, cdd x 10, reverse squat (1 min intervals) start in down, do squats, hold in down. #crowdpleaser

10 burpies oyo

mosey to parking lot

mary-thon – grab some curb. Lbc x 10, dolly x 10, flutter x 10, Russian twist x 10

10 burpies oyo

mosey to end of parking lot

line up for warrior lunge. Lunge parking lot. When legs reach exhaustion work on form.

Dancing with the stars to wrap it up. 2 sets (1 min intervals)


go ruck – 3/14/14

brr – contact Baracus. Last chance

Gauging interest in another basecamp thursdays northeast in a51. sound off and contact passport. QIC or attendee.


workout inspired by a recent trip to ATL and a workout with F3 at Chastain Park. Strong men out there in nomads. If you ever get a chance to post out of town, do it.

Udder out

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