Explicit Nature

Explicit Nature

RY 2.20


5 Pax endured a brutal KB beatdown delivered by Bulldog and a total of 12 Pax took on Murderhorn with Spack on Q.

The Thang

Jog to Jersey Mike’s for 30 turbo SSH in cadence then off we went to “Murderhorn” for the rest of the morning.

Murderhorn Shuffle

Perform exercise at top and run down to stopsign and return for more exercise.

10 burpees / 20 hand release merkins / 30 squat / 40 Monkey Humpers / 50 CCD

For all intensive purposes, we repeated the routine one time – 16 trips x .2 miles

3.2 miles – All hill no flat spots

Mosey to movie theatre for “The Semi Gloss” with a bunny hop twist

20 J Lo’s OYO


As you can see from the text message picture, Bulldog wanted to add in some cardio to his KB routine if it was OK with YHC for what he had planned for the main event.  More cardio?  Perfect.  It was shaping up to be a tough morning.  Based off the low amount of chatter – it was.  I would say this was ‘impromtu’ but in reality YHC knew there needed to be more running than normal since his weigh in is tomorrow morning for the F3 Weight Loss Challenge.  Is there any hope to win?  Nope.  Just wanted to bring all of you into my misery.  Murderhorn brought the perfect pain. Sorry guys.  Wasn’t going to tweet that one.  Nice little rest as you jog down though.  Going up was a different story – 8 different times.  Well, 6 times for Frehley’s as he wanted to focus on his abdominals up top for a few minutes.  That’s his story and he is sticking to it.  T-claps to Bulldog and Spinner as they were out front most of the time.  When YHC called repeato on the shuffle, pretty sure “Bollocks” was heard from the bullish Brit.  Had to google that one.  Didn’t have to google, “I hate you” which seemed to be the only thing coming out of Semi Gloss’ filthy mouth all morning.  Speaking of filthy mouth, the KB iPod playlist was….in a word…explicit.  Honestly, had no idea there was that much ‘explicitness’ on there.  50 cent don’t care if it’s your birthday.  He will find you in that club.  And curse.  A lot.  Sorry TR!  Noted, and revised this afternoon for Kevlar in the morning.

Thanks for coming out gents.  Always a pleasure.


3rd F – New book called Limitless Life beginning tomorrow at Chic Filet Arbo 0630.

Check the site for info on F3 Mentors.  Sign up.



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10 years ago

I admit–I didn’t see that one coming. My Puritanical tendencies were tested when the Murderhorn ladder turned into a pyramid. The humanity.

10 years ago

You weren’t messing around Spackler. From the high speed SSH’s to the repeato on the hill. That was a tough one and I am feeling it now!

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I get all choked up when I read backblasts for workouts I didn’t attend about the Murderhorn.

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