10 Burpees or…

10 Burpees or…

So 5 Pax gathered in the gloom, well 4 did, the 5th joined a little later, better late than never but that doesn’t mean it won’t go in the back blast.

This being Pele’s first Q it was a pretty tough time/place to do it, however a remarkable amount of composure and ad lib was to be found in the new Q and off we went:

Mosey to field oops, I mean parking lot

15 SSH

15 IW

15 Slow Squats

15 Mountain Climbers

Line up on the line

high knees down 40 yards, butt kickers back

15 squats

Fast as you can 40 yards, run backwards back to the line

15 Merkins, recover

karaoke 40 yards AND BACK

15 CDD

Lunge Walk down and jog and bear crawl back

15 squats

Mosey to bleachers by concession or maybe it was the playground equipment, yeah that was less difficult let’s say



Partner AMRAP pull ups +2 x 2 (an Ascent staple)

People’s chair x 3

turn over to Brew

Wall plank or handstand as the case may be x 2

Shoulder to shoulder, merkins x 5 IC

Plank and end man hop over heels until all have gone through twice

COP for dynamic stretching:

Leg circles x 10 each leg IC

The “Ballet” x 10 each leg oyo

The hip flexor stretch

Jog around the parking lot

Now to run a half mile for time (pax sound off in the comments on your time to track for next time around)

YHC ran with a Garmin and when it hit 0.5 I stopped and read my time and then those finishing after, a very strong effort by the pax in challenging conditions (ran to Harris Teeter so not flat and also had two good sized snow patches to navigate, this should make it easier to beat our times next go round)

Slow recovery jog back to campus with a plank o rama in the middle to catch all pax


Flutters x 15

Dolly x 10

LBC x 15

Heels to Heaven x 8

Cross oblique crunch x 8 each side

Partner up, partner paddy cake merkins x 10, partner fist pump sit ups x 10 repeato x 3

short jog around the parking lot again

Look, there is 2 more minutes left, what should we do?

We all know what that means, Q calls out 10, everyone knows what it means but HT pulls one of the best Q jacks I’ve seen and starts counting down from 10, nice try but we still do 10 burpees on our own to end off


A great first Q by Pele, certainly considering the conditions and the modifications he had to make (YHC saw his original plan and he did have to modify quite a bit).  The pax hung in there, was a great workout with some good men.  We’ll repeat the 0.5 mile for time somewhere down the road to record the improvement.  So that is is on record YHC’s time was 3:18 which was 18 seconds off the desired pace so will have to get it next time.  Strong effort by Pele on the run, didn’t give up and Hopper was looking pretty strong (helps to have the long legs maybe?).  Passport was battling the back pain (take it easy brother, we don’t want to kill you) and High Tide despite complaining about not having his special running socks (do they do the running for you?) pulled in pretty close behind YHC so not sure what the issue is (it’s all mental, you really are pretty strong!).


An honour to co-lead today with one of the very many inspiring pax turned Q in Pele today, I’ve seen you come a long way brother, this is always the beginning and I can’t wait for Q number 2.


Time to sign up for the BRR, seriously you can do it and it’ll be fun

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