Wait, Wait Wait….Merkins THEN The Mountain?

Wait, Wait Wait….Merkins THEN The Mountain?


4 KB’ers began their swinging metal routine when 10 minutes later out of the darkness arrives the Rebel Yell Q-of-the-day, Semi Gloss, who claims he was on a mission to find ‘rocks’ for the work out.  Be honest with yourself, the only rocks you saw this morning were the ones you left behind Carmike Cinemas via “The Semi Gloss”.  No wonder we kept in front of the theatre all work out.  12 pax in total endured what Semi Gloss brought to the table…which included lots of running and suck. – Spack


The Thang.


Mosey over to parking lot


30 X SSH – Cadence

20 X Mountain Climber – Cadence

20 X Slow squat – Cadence

15 Burpess OYO


Mosey to back of shopping center.


Run to each speed bump.  15 Merkins


Plank o rama


Indian Run the whole way back to the movie theatre from the other side. (yep, we know why – Spack)


Mosey to lot in front of movie theatre.


Partner work – one person runs to the hydrant while the other person does Merkins, switch other person runs.  Goal is 100 total for the team.

AUDIBLE – Run to sign while other person does LBC’s 250 this time.


Mosey to Mt Kilimanjaro – Tiger Rag ladder – 11 squats at the top 1 merkin (variation inclined merkin) at the bottom.

Protractor work while everyone recovers


Complete with a few minutes of Mary.


5 Cherry Bombs OYO

20 X Rosalita’s – Cad.

Protractor work

10 Burpees OYO



YHC was running late to the Pre KB workout.  It was noted that Bulldog found this unacceptable. Was doing research on the workout to make sure it lived up the infamous hat.  The workout began easy enough with some various amounts of Mumble chatter.  Mostly from Spackler who didn’t appreciate YHC’s form.  To be fair I was up studying all night to make sure I had the cadence down.  Lots of talk surrounding the 15 Burpees and questioning the Q’s decisions. Had bulldog give me a 10 count which further added to the unacceptable items I had done before.  There was almost an audible called during the Merkin-fest on the speed bumps but we persevered #stickwithwhatyouknow.  The indian run had me back in the good graces with the men again and it allowed for a little muble chatter.  Called the Audible on the partner work but not before TR asking for more LBC’s.  Saw the higher hill and decided to make a change mid-way through.  Was again called out about the Jacobs ladder but we pushed through anyways.  Even though Radar was not there the Cherry Bombs went off anyway.  Multiple question from the PAX’s forced YHC to demonstrate several times.



3rd F – Finishing up book “fight”.  Next book is Limitless Life Chick Fil A – Arbo.  Bulldog QIC.  Stand after centurion – Panera – QIC Purple Haze


Mud Run Time Trial – Outland location on Saturday, Feb 15th


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