It’s February – Spring Training’s begun.

It’s February – Spring Training’s begun.

The VSF was planted or maybe High Tide planted an actual SF…didn’t really notice?  Nevertheless, 14 fartsack forsakers took to the OP campus for another weekly Ascent.  Come to think of it, it’s probably the flattest AO other than perhaps McKee Elem.  YHC is rambling…on to the Thang.


Jog to field.


Seal Jack x 15 (IC)

Slow Squat x 15 (IC)

MC x 15 (IC)

IW x 15 (IC)

Lineup for some down & backs

75% Run down 60ish yards, backwards run back

High knees down, Buttkickers back

Lunge walk down, broad jump back

Jog to bleachers near concession stands/ball fields

7’s: Step Ups & Derkins

9’s: Dips & Squats

11’s: One-legged squats & Incline Merkins

Plankorama in between.

Jog to mound on one of the ball fields

Positions 1-9 with corresponding number of H-R merkins at each position.  Lunge walk between 1-6. Broad jump to 7. High Knees to 8.  Buttkickers to 9.

Jog to school.

People’s Chair

25 overhead press while in chair

Hands out front (aka the Frankenstein)

Hands overhead (aka the Heist)

Jog to playground for some partner work.

Partner up:

15 old school sit-ups while partner 2 holds partner 1’s feet while in plank position, Flapjack.

AMRAP pullups +3 w/partner assist.  Flapjack.

3 Sets of sit-ups/pullups

Jog back to starting field for 6MoM

Dolly x 13 (IC)

LBC x 20 (IC)

Rosalita x 13 (IC)

CCV x 13

Makthar Ndjiaye x 10

Diamonds x 8

Freddie Mercury x 13

SSH x 25

Jog to parking lot.



Great effort by the pax.  Great to see Tank back out among the pax and Kotters also to Far Side who’s coming off the IR.  The pax rightly called out YHC when I failed to do a H-R merkin to start the work on the ballfield. #accountability

Strange Brew was leading the pax a good bit and doubling down = strong.

Before we started, Relo was relieved to see Hoffa pull in last and remarked that he avoided the LIFO tag.

Keep pushing yourselves men.  It was great to Q this solid group of men.


Still time to commit to BRR – contact Baracus.  Some of the best 2nd F in all of F3.

Nomad Run Sunday 0600 – launches at ABC lot at Arboretum.

USMC Mud Run April 12 – HighTide needs someone to take his spot.  480 of F3Nation are signed up for this – come join us!  It’s a blast.




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