Grateful For The Disclaimer

Grateful For The Disclaimer

Posted for Soft Pretzel:

7 PAX stepped onto the rink this morning at The Maul.  Seriously this place was a skating rink and YHC was a little nervous running the show.  It limited what all we could do but the guys kept a great attitude and got their beatdown in.  And we only had one fall!

The Thang:

Mosey (carefully!) to center lot for warm-up:  IW x 25, Merkins x 15 + six inches + 5 more merkins, Slow Squats x 20.

Mosey on for Burpees X Monkey Humpers.  Do in Jack Webb count (1 burpee, 4 monkey humpers, etc. up to 5 and back down)

Head to the fountains (with a lunge walk intermission): Partner up.  P1 run to Chicos and back, P2 alternate dips (15) and squats (10).  Repeato with derkins instead of dips.

Back to parking lot – Bear crawling merkins on Q’s count.

Mary: Dolly x 20, Flutter x 20, Heels to Heaven x 15, LBC x 20.  Bridge Pose in between each set.

Go to sidewalk under cover for some dry ground.  Relay sprints while PAX in line do Jack Webb.  Each guy runs twice to finish.

Monster lap around the Target building to get some running in.  Go as fast as you can without falling!

Mosey back and finish with plank-o-rama (including J-Los!)


Not much in the way of announcements.

Really appreciate everybody that came out this morning.  Schools were closed… roads sucked… venue was iced over… but we got the job done.  Always an honor to Q at The Maul!

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Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I was the one that fell down.

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