The Fruitless Search for a Leeward Refuge

The Fruitless Search for a Leeward Refuge

Nine hale fellows assembled to witness a glorious sunrise and swing some iron.

An impromptu Weinke and the passage of 36 hours leaves me with vague recollections of the actual THANG.  But it was something to the tune of:

  • Try to find the leeward side of the building
  • “Warm Up” with SSH, I-Walkers, Squats
  • Hip Hinge demonstration
  • Two handed swings
  • One/Other handed swings,
  • Cleans
  • Presses
  • Squats
  • A second attempt to find the leeward side of the building
  • More swings, presses, squats, lunges and a couple of complexes of the same

Realizing that CMS couldn’t afford to build the leeward side of this school, we moseyed to concession area with stiff upper lips and runny noses for pyramids:

  • 10 – 2 hand swings —- 10 – KB Step Ups —–  10 dips
  • 15 – 2 hand swings —- 15 – KB Lunges ——– 15 dips
  • 20 – 2 hand swings —- 10 – KB Lunges ——– 20 dips
  • 15 – 2 hand swings —- 15 – KB Lunges ——– 15 dips
  • 10 – 2 hand swings —- 10 – KB Lunges ——-  10 dips

KB Suicides

  • 10 swings, Sprint to first light pole
  • 15 swings, Sprint to dugout
  • 20 swings, Sprint to second light pole

Racked mosey to home base with a quick detour for some pull ups.  Some Mary on the asphalt to round out the hour.


  • It was a pleasure to Q my first trip to Ascent.  Great group of guys and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Thanks to the Pax for being flexible with the kettlebell session.  It’s something Brew and I hatched several months back and is a perfect fit for low-impact workouts, though the moderate intensity line can easily be crossed when combining reps back to back.
  • Bulky handwear makes it harder to grip the bell.  We might need to Donkey Kong to rig up a handle add on to accomodate gloves and mittens.
  • Welcome to FNG Toomer.  Our man was sporting the Auburn gear head to toe, which I suspect will lead to spirited discussions with High Tide at some point down the road.
  • Strong leadership by Brew, High Tide, Gummy and others to make this site a success.  It will only be a matter of time before another weekday spinoff is planted.


  • The mistake most people make about the Blue Ridge Relay is that they see it as a running event. That used to be me. Granted, running does play a not-insignificant part of the event (about 208 miles in 30+ hours) but the main attraction is the 2nd F.  Check the weekly email and get with Baracus to get signed up.
  • Hops and the 3rdF team have some more options coming up in the near future.  Keep an eye out for tweets and preblasts.

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10 years ago

From the title, I thought this was yet another post about passing gas.

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