12 Rounds of pain on a cool breezy morning

12 Rounds of pain on a cool breezy morning

13 PAX drifted in on the cool breeze for an Alf/Abacus beat down.  All left after getting their money’s worth.

COP (All in Cadence

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang:

Run to grab a block and meet at parking lot for 12 rounds of pain and running – all at your own pace.  All laps around the 2 islands in the parking lot.

Round 1:  50 Merkins.  Run lap

Round 2:  50 Shoulder presses with block.  Run lap with block

Round 3:  50 Monkey Humpers, Shuffle lap facing inside

Round 4:  50 CDD, Shuffle lap facing outside

Round 5:  50 Squats with block, Run 1 lap backwards

Round 6:  50 Decline merkins,  run lap

Round 7:  50 Curls with block, karaoke lap facing inside

Round 8:  50 LBC’s, karaoke lap facing outside

Round 9:  50 Incline merkins, run lap

Round 10:  50 Dolly with block press, run lap

Round 11:  50 Bent over rows (25R/25L), Hop lap half way, then run rest of lap

Round 12:  50 Triceps extensions with block, Sprint lap

Plank-o-rama until all are done.  Return blocks.

Abacus led Mary:  (All exercises in cadence)

Dolly x 20 – Hold ’em w/ Turkey Leg 10 count

Flutter x 20 – Hold ’em w/ O’Tannenbaum 10 count

Rosalita x 20

Backscratcher x 25

CCV x 10L/10R

Mosey to wall.  2 Rounds of Peoples Chair with lunge walks after each.

15 Burbees and 25 Dips OYO.

Finish with Plank-o-rama.


A great run by the PAX on a cold morning.  YHC heard that wind when I got up and it wasn’t easy to get motivated to get out there.  Welcome back to Joker.  YHC saw him more this week than I had in a month.  Even with the time off he still paced with Lobster Roll leading the workout.

Many were hoping for an audible away from the 50 reps per round.  No such #Omaha today.

Thanks to Young Love for the send off.


Email Baracus if you want to sign up for the BRR.

-Alf & Abacus

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