Ride the Wind

Ride the Wind

COP @ Northwest Stonehenge
SSH x 30
Imperial Walker x 20
Mountain Climbers x 30

Mosey across 521 to Northeast Stonehenge
Jack Webb up to 5, back down to 1

Jog to soccer field with 20 yd lunge walk and 20 yd broad jumps on the way
On the field: 10 merkins, sprint across field, 10 merkins, sprint back
20 plank in-&-outs, sprint across field, 20 plank in-&-outs, sprint back
30 mountain climbers, sprint across field, 30 MCs, sprint back

To the Premier deck: Peoples chair; hold, then press x 50
Bear crawl across, 15 merkins, bear crawl back
Crab walk across, 15 merkins, crab walk back

Burpee Mary ladder:
2 burpees, sprint up ramp, flutter x 20 by Soft Pretzel
jog around corner
4 burpees, sprint up ramp to level 2, Heals to Heaven x 20 by Haggis
6 burpees, sprint to level 3, Dolly x 30 by Mic Check
8 burpees, sprint to level 4, LBCs x 25 by Swiss Miss
Mason Twist x 15 by YHC

Down the steps, mosey to Aloft Hill for 6s:
Merkins at the bottom, squats at the top

Mosey to Dana Rader parking lot for yoga time:
Plank, left heel up, hold..keep heel up & lower plank to 6 inches, hold..back to regular…heel down
Repeat with right heel.

Jog back across bridge to Loch Ness:
Group 1 runs lap around lake
Group 2 performs 10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 squats on repeat until group 1 returns

Take it back to home

As usual, we got our full taste of all BCC has to offer.  Found some respite from the wind in the parking deck.  The yoga inspired plank exercises were called on the fly to burn some time, but ended
up being a crowd favorite, and nice challenge after being spent 50 mins into the workout.
Great effort by all today, and special shout-out to Madame Tussaud for hammering out 6 posts in his first 8 days into his F3 career.

Haggis & Fishwrap hitting up greenway tomorrow for 10+ mile run in the a.m.  Later, truth comes out that this will actually be 20 miles.  Contact Haggis if interested, as I cannot recall exact location but I
believe it is 7am.
BRR sign-up, e-mail Baracus with your level of commitment and running agility.



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