Glue… It’s all a dead horse(head) is good for.

Glue… It’s all a dead horse(head) is good for.

Hairband posting on behalf of Horsehead who decided to write a book! Due to his excitement from a virgin Q I left it unedited for all to enjoy. Next time some may end up on the editing floor though…

6 strong yet insane men of the UC posted at Outland this morning for a painful trek around the campus. Today was the inaugural Q of both YHC and Double E, who agreed to split up the leadership duties (hehehe, I said doody) earlier this week. I was doubtful about being ready to actually lead a workout, after throwing myself into F3 facefirst back in September barely able to do 10 merkins in sequence or run a mile but figured that since I am immune to embarrassment (a trait my wife and kids love when in public places) that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Double E offered to help me out, being in far better shape than myself since he has been exercising regularly over the past 10 years while I sucked down Diet Coke and Pizza and developed an unhealthy relationship with my chair.


Horsehead on Q

Mosey to VSF on hill via the paved trail around the disc golf course
Mountain ClimberX20
Peter ParkerX20
Parker PeterX20
Monkey HumpersX15 (crowd and spectators on highway pleaser)
8 Count BB X 10 (better than Alf on Tuesday, but worse than everyone else in history)

Mosey to obstacle course near practice football field.

Pain Stations – 3 sets
Pullups X 10
Up and Overs on the big logs X 15
Inverted Situps in the situp thingamig w the fire hose to strap your feet in X 15
Jump ups on the stumps X 15

Fast Mosey to High School Football field and track
Set up on 50 yard line on track. Partner Up. P1 does AMRAP exercise while P2 runs halfway around track to 50yd line on other side of field and then crawls back across field to P1. Flapjack

Round 1 – P1 Merkins, P2 Bear Crawl across
Round 2 – P1 LBCs, P2 Crab Walk Across

Handoff to Double E

Indian Run to Restroom Building near Baseball field

3 PAX BTW on the brick wall while 3 PAX plank – facing each other. Guys on the wall “walk” down the wall on their hands, dropping off at the end into planks and then walking back in the other direction. We did this a few times, until I fell on my arm.

Peoples Chair with air presses. 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5. Some speed squats mixed in on the last few sets.

Indian Run back to bleachers at football field.

Partners reunite for bleacher work.

P1 does exercise while P2 runs up and down bleachers twice. Flapjack until all reps completed.

Round 1 – 100 Carolina Dry Docks
Round 2 – 150 Dips
Round 3 – 50 Burpees (weeping and gnashing of teeth)

Another Indian Run back to the obstacle course for a quick run through. All PAX complete obstacle course with some plank-o-rama at the end.

Sprint to VSF for 6MOM

Flutters, Dolly, Protractor, & Freddie Mercury to finish it off.


It was very cold and windy. This brings out the most imaginative articles of clothing. Double E had on his powerwalker windsuit, complete with hand weights and Metamucil dispensing Camelbak. Spielberg was sporting his prized calf prophylactics, which were neither pleasant to look at nor effective in keeping his legs warm. The Late Show had as arsenal of homemade headbands, face bands, neck bands, and blindfolds in his possession that he offered up in the parking lot like someone selling furniture from a van at a gas station. I’m not sure if there were any takers.

During the warmups, I quickly realized that leading the workouts takes a bit more O2 than normal, since you actually have to count. Normally, I just try to tune out as much of Zip’s counting as possible while lip syncing a select few sequences and faking my way through things. I also realized that I was forgetting to do the subtle body turns in the middle of the circle in order to make awkward eye contact with the other PAX. That was remedied during the Monkey Humpers, to the chagrin of everyone. Luckily, there were no rotten vegetables to toss. The threat of watching me do supplementary unannounced Monkey Humpers was issued and carried throughout the remainder of the workout in order to suppress mumblechatter.

I remembered Banana’s words of wisdom when he told me about a month ago that I should lead a workout and that I would be given special powers while leading that would both allow me to work harder than normal and cause myself great physical pain the following day. This was sage advice, as I came out of the gate hammer-down and blasted through everything with great zeal. “Everything” includes both my wrist, which I landed on when falling from the wall and my knee, which made a very unpleasant noise when completing the obstacle course and has forced me to walk like Tiny Tim for the rest of the day. This lead to various comments from the PAX about putting down the dead Horse, the formulation of Elmers Glue and/or Purina, and other non-encouraging heckling that indicates only the closest friendships and brotherly bonding that F3 can provide.

Double E, on the other hand, was unphased with his half of the workout and lead the charge like an Electric Eel. I have been trying to come up with a cool background story for his nickname since it really just stands for Electrical Engineer, and that is lame. I think the Electric Eel concept may gain some traction if we work with it, but only time will come. We are open to other suggestions for a cool background story in order to avoid the dreaded rename.

Overall, this was a very fun workout despite the horrible wind and cold. Leading for the first time was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again. Outland has a huge campus and lots of opportunities for doing stupid things outside early in the AM. If you haven’t been out to visit, please consider doing do one Saturday. TR secured an F3 discount at a local hotel during his visit a few weeks ago. #seriouslyitsnotthatfarout

– Horsehead

Great Q boys!

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10 years ago

Called out for my 8-count body builders at a work out I didn’t even attend. I resemble those remarks.
I will bring those back in the future, in good form and high quantity.

10 years ago

I don’t think I did them correctly. I just kept my head down and did some movements for what seemed like an endless ten count.

Just about anything you do as a follow up to monkey humpers is more dignified looking, so at least I had that going for me.

– HH

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