And it’s OUTTA Here!!!!

And it’s OUTTA Here!!!!

8 strong / determined men rose up and entered the chilly, WINDY gloom they call Outland for 9 inning’s of work.

The Thang and here’s how we played:

1st Inning tossed out by Z –

Lets mosey and warm up with a lap around the parking lot and find a spot out of the wind


–  SSH x25, Mountain Climber x20, Ski Abs x20, IW x20

2nd Inning, Z’s still in (let’s roll and hit the diamond)

– Bear crawl to 1st base and x20 merkins

– Crab walk from 1st base to 2nd x20 wide armed merkins

– Bear crawl from 2nd to 3rd x20 CDDs

– Crab Walk from 3rd to Home Plate x20 Diamonds

3rd Inning – Zip’s relieved by Double EE

– Lunge Walk to 1st x20 squats

– Reverse Crab Walk from 1st to 2nd x10 burpees

–  Lunge Walk from 2nd to 3rd x20 squats

– Reverse Crab Walk from 3rd to Home x10 burpees

In comes Swiss Miss for the 4th Inning and Mosey to the back side of the school for some circuit work.

– 3 Stations

         SSH x25, Mountain Climber x20, Ski Abs x20, IW x20

         Station (1) x20 step-up knee raises

         Station (2) 30 dips

         Station (3) 30 seconds peoples chair

 4 rounds!!!

5th Inning and in comes the Fireballer Boondock!!!!

3 Rounds of the 20 bus Cheeze WEAVE and catch me if you can!!!!!

We’re middle innings now so we bring Horsehead outta the barn to start the 6th…. and take the HILL.

11’s (sprint to the top ‘O the hill 11 burpees all the way down to 1)

–          An audible was called due to time or 02 dep and HH knocked her down to 8.

AHHHHH, the 7th inning stretch and Hairband leads us in chorus for a little Take Me Out To The screeeeech……  He changes the record and leads us in chorus for a little Jack Webb!!!!!!

–          x1 merkin followed by x4 airpresss up to 8 X 32

The 8th inning was tough and there was work that still needed to be donw, so YHC taps the right arm and here comes the mad man out of San Fran with the crazy beard “THE LATE SHOW”

Mosey back to the middle school for just a little more circuit work pain….

–          Station (1) x20 split lunges (10) on each side x4

–          Station (2) x10 supine pull-ups x4

9th Inning and only 2 outs to go for the win so the OG Countertop gets the nod to bring us home!!!

2-3 MOM and it’s GAME OVER and the crowd goes wild……

Skin of Mole:

Great work by all today.  YHC and CT had an unconventional idea for today’s workout that I think everyone really enjoyed.  The site of Outland is young based on the calendar but the regular attending PAX is not.  Therefore, we came up with the idea of a potluck Q scenario and asked all in attendance to lead a segment. 

This wasn’t only to challenge their physical state but their leadership and mental state.  All are more than physically capable and this not only proved encouragement but proved leadership amongst the ranks.  As soon as Double EE took the reigns for inning 3 though, CT and Z were 2nd guessing and wondering if we’d asked more than we bargained for.  Lead hard and go hard for 6 minutes or so only to have the PAX follow direction, well the set up definitlely initiated an extremely competetive environment to see who could out do whom when on the mound.  Those of us at the plate simply had to eat the energy and servings of downpainment they had to offer.  Although hearty, I’ll say that it wasn’t very tasty.

What really wasn’t tasty was the end of the 8th inning where we sent The Late Show to the showers and brought in CT who called a quick mosey only to hear Boondock call out “My daddy’s over there puking, should I go and get him?”….  The Horse w/ Head caught up and explained he needed some water back at his vehicle; however, I’m almost willing to bet anyone that Boondock was spraying out spilled merlot out the back of daddy’s truck back at the house after that comment.

Honestly, GREAT GREAT GREAT work by all today and way to stand up and LEAD!!!

Until next time:  “Z” is OUT

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10 years ago

Funny Backblast. Fun workout. Boondock is still talking about how he lead it. He basically invented F3 as the story goes.

Let me know when you want me to take a shot at leading. I’ll give it a go.

– HH

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