Attack of the Beards

Attack of the Beards

15 men gathered at McKee Road Elementary School. 

The Thang

Warmup run around the school. End in field inside the mini-track.


– SSH x30

– Merkins x20

– Squats x20

– Merkins x10

– Mountain Climbers x20

 11s across the track infield with CCDs and Jump Squats

 Bear crawl across infield, run back across infield. Repeato.

 Mosey to backyard playground

 Circuit work: 10 pull-ups, 20 step-ups, 15 CCDs. Repeat x3.

 Mosey to wall for people’s chair with 40 air presses (in cadence).

Field Work [each below had merkins or burpees mixed in]

-Backpedal X 2

-Karaoke X 2

-50% run X 2

-All out X 2

 Circuit Work [3 cycles]

-Pull Ups X 10

-Dips X 20

-Squats X 20

Core Work – LBCs, Flutter, Dolly

Merkin Combo – Incline / Decline


-It was a great morning for a workout.  Not much ocurred out of tha ordinary, but 15 men left a little stronger. 

-While Scooter Time is the nicest man you will ever meet out of the gloom, he takes on a different persona while working out… only speaking if spoken to, and even then, just a one or two word response.  And speaking of Scooter Time, he may have been wearing the largest gloves ever seen at an F3 workout… resembling Wreck-It Ralph or The Thing.   

-Donkey Kong and Young Love were wearing well groomed beards. Donkey Kong – allegedly – can grow a full beard overnight, so there must be some significant sculpting involved in keeping such a manicured look.  Tool Time opted for a more rugged, mountain man look… insprired – possibly – by Dora??

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