It just got real in the Foxhole – Shovel Flag Complete

It just got real in the Foxhole – Shovel Flag Complete

With the black paint still drying, the newly created Foxhole Shovel Flag was firmly planted in the soil of Elon Park Elementary and 10 men including 1 FNG (John) headed out into the gloom to put a downPAINment on the week.

Here’s The Thang: 

Warmup – Leave the Bells

          Jog around parking lot

          SSH x 50

          IW x 20

          Backward Lunge x 20

          Toe Touches x 10

Grab the bells and head to the cones and line up

          Lunge walk with KB overhead press x 25 yds 

Line up in two lines facing each other

          From one gate to the next, perform travelling 2 hand swing

          2 lines moved in unison facing each other (requires some trust in your partner not to sling their bell at your face)

          When the next gate was reached, rinse and repeat back to original gate

Mosey to playground and partner up with size mattering

          Partner 1: Flexed arm hang (yes Mr. Reagan we remember how)

          Partner 2: 3 clean and press with each arm

          Flapjack through 3 sets

          Plank-o-rama while everyone regroups 

Mosey to back lot and line up – keeping partners

          Partner 1: Merkin renegade rows w/ 2 KB (found that some KB are flatter than others – Mic Check took a nose dive halfway through the second set)

          Partner 2: Run 2 B-ball courts and back

          Repeat until 30 cumulative merkin-rows were completed

          Partner 1: 2 KB Overhead Press

          Partner 2: Caraoka 2 B-ball courts and back

          Repeat until 40 cumulative presses completed 

          Partner 1: 2 KB Bicep Curls w/ Squat if you got it (Frehley’s intended only 1 KB but there was no stopping once PAX got going)

          Partner 2: Backward run down and back

          Repeat until each partner does 2 sets

Time for some Mary – Circle it up

          LBC with KB x 40

          KB overhead to touch the toes x 20

          Freddie Mercury (no KB) x 40

          Mason Twist x 20

          Superman x ??? w/ an impromptu singing of the Greatest American Hero song by Frehley’s

Mosey back toward cars with a stop on the wall for some people’s chair

          Set 1: Ball dragger (KB hanging down) x 1 minute

          Set 2: Upright rows x 45 sec

          Set 3: Overhead KB press x 30 sec

Return to cars for some air squats to close out into COT


– FNG Pebbles (John) made a strong showing this morning showing up to a gear workout on his first post.  Not sure if he will be thanking or hating his friends Loogie, Mic Check, and The Worm for bringing him out for the beat down.  He did great though and we look forward to seeing him again in the gloom.

– It was great to be back in the gloom today with my brothers.  Just one week away and YHC remembered what it was like when F3 was not in the weekly routine.  I appreciate the fitness, fellowship, and faith you men provide on a daily basis and thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Aye!

– Please remember Haggis who is out of the workout rotation this week while he is recuperating.  We will welcome him back next week.  Chipotle has the Q at Bagpipes tomorrow.  Show up and get worked.       

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