Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run

Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run

Trying this again folks….

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A perfect event for F3.  Enjoy the beauty of the mountains while you push yourself to the limit!  The title “Ultra Run” may put you off but take it from me if you can run a half-marathon then you can definitely do this.  There are 10 mile, 50k, and 50 mile options.  All are on trails, all will be testing.  This event most likely involves an overnight trip to the location (not far from Blowing Rock) so it will be a great opportunity for some 2nd F.

No way I can run 31 miles…!

Try it.  You’ll be shocked.  A trail run is very different from a road race because the course is unique and you are not racing against the clock in the same way that you do in a marathon or half.  Typical finish times for the 50k last year were 7-9 hours. No way to cheat on this one.  Just do it!

Event Details The Leatherwood Mountains Ultra Run will be held on the grounds of Leatherwood Mountains Resort and Stables.  Unlike most events that are held on public lands, this event will be primarily on private land.   Don’t miss it….You WON’T be disappointed!!!  What makes this event so unique is the availability of luxury mountain cabins to rent at Leatherwood.  Get a group of runners, friends, or family together and make a memorable weekend vacation.  Who wouldn’t want great mountain views and a hot tub at your convenience?!?!

It is recommended to stay at Leatherwood the night before and possibly the night after the event.  There are numerous cabins for rent.  Make it a family event and bring your M and 2.0s.  They will have a great time in the expansive grounds while you are killing yourself out on the trail.

Course Race course will take place over varied terrain in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Much of the race will be on single track trail, but will have a mix of asphalt, gravel, and jeep trail roads.   If you have experience running in  the Blue Ridge Mountains you’ll know that the trail could change from one day to the next.  One day could be dry, the next could be muddy.

50 Mile – Course will consist of 4 loops.  There will be 3 unique loops, with one loop of 10 miles being repeated.  Gain and loss will be about 11,000ft.  Start time: 7am

50 Kilometer :  Course will consist of 2 unique loops, which will also be run by the 50 milers.  With around 7,000 to 8,000ft gain.

10 Mile –  Runners will pass through Rawhide Aid Station twice.   Race Start: 9am

Hard Commit

Register and pay here: http://lwmtnultrarun.com/ then post your hard commit in the comments below. Cabins for rent are here: http://www.leatherwoodmountains.com/cabins.htm.  Please note if you are interested in sharing a cabin with others.


Once we have a few sign ups Haggis will coordinate trail running practice sessions.  Any questions please either post below or email Haggis at George@stonemanrocks.com.

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10 years ago

In. Paid. Lodging booked. #letsdothis

Haggis, hit me up later to schedule weekend training options.

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