Winds NW 20

Winds NW 20

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 14 pax posted for what was YHC’s coldest post to date.  Wind chill reports varied between 12 and 15 degrees.  NW wind at 20 mph.

The thang:

120 yard mosey to parking lot for COP:

  • SSH x30
  • Imperial Walker x30
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Mountain Climber x30
  • Merkin x 20

Partner up: size matters

Mosey to Swim Academy parking lot:

Partner  1:    Lunge walk down hill

5 Burpees

Bear crawl up hill

Partner 2:  Arms straight out squats


Plank when both complete cycle.

Round 2:  Sprint down hill

5 Burpees

Sprint up hill

Hill run to McMahon with 3 Merkin x20 stops (1st and 2nd street lights and McMahon).  Turn right onto McMahon to Wells Fargo parking lot.

Partner 1 carry partner 2 around the building

10 Burpees

Partner 2 carry partner 1 around the building

10 Burpees

Mosey to Picnic tables at front of Clt Catholic

20 step-up (10/leg)

20 dip

15 derkins

Repeat x2

Mosey to lower lot adjacent to football field

Short rest 50-yard sprints x10

Burpee Tabata: 60 seconds of work/20 seconds rest x3.  Roughly 50 burpees.

Mosey to start parking lot for Mary.  Titan invited to Q Mary: Rosalita/LBC/Leg raises and holds at various angles.

Plank-o-rama provided by Wingman while QIC retrieved phone to record COT.

10 burpees to close it out.

Ball of man: prayer by QIC


YHC had a sleepless night and was suffering from a belly ache.  It was a rough night/morning.  We got started a little early to get the heart rate up rather than stand in the cold, biting wind.  No complaints from the pax.  Several Larry Bird’s this morning: Chelms, Mighty Might, Hops, Cane, Titan, just to name a few.  Good work out there by all today.  Partner carry was more trouble than YHC anticipated.  It was at this point that YHC was very close to puking, while being carried on Cane’s back.  We were burpee heavy this AM (approx. 100 total).  The burpee tabata may have been better received earlier in the workout.  YHC was running on fumes at this point.  Thanks to Titan for providing some Mary and to Wingman for plank-o-rama.  Fighting through mornings like this makes us stronger.



• Convergence at the Fort and Joe Davis 5K tomorrow 01/04/2013.  See website for more details.

•New workout at Carmel Middle School: Run and Gun.  5K pace run followed by Tabata.  Titan reports it should be pretty painful.  Look for preblast on website.

•Chelms reports that opportunities for Q available at Centurian in late January or February.  Let him or Escargot know if you are interested.

•See website or weekly email for additional announcements.

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10 years ago

Solid work, Mermaid. Nothing like parking lot sprints into gale force winds!

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