New Year, New Home, Same Old Q

New Year, New Home, Same Old Q

12 Pax are stayed true to their New Year’s Resolutions and helped welcome Rebel Yell to it’s new home at Stonecrest.

The Thang:

Jog to Wendy’s parking lot for a COP warm up.

10 Burpees OYO

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Slow Squats X 20

Mosey over to the fountains for some 10, 20, 30.

FIrst set; 10 derkins, 20 wall jumps, 30 dips.  Jog to Chicos and back.

2nd set. 10 dips, 20 wall jumps, 30 derkins.  Jog to Chicos and back.

3rd set  10 Incline merkins(irkins?), 20 wall squats, 30 decline dips. Jog to Chicos and back.

4th set  10 decline dips, 20 wall squats, 30 irkins.  Jog to Chicos and back.

Mosey to the back corner of Target for a Pax led Mary Go Round.

LBC X 25, Back Scracthers X 25, Heels to Heaven X 25, Flutter X 25

Burpee up the hill ladder:  Start a 1.  End at 7.

Mosey to the loading dock.

Front lunge walk to the first speed bump.

Side lunge walk to the next two speed bumps.

Bear crawl to the next speed bump.

Crab walk to the next speed bump.

Burpee broad jump to the end.

Mosey to the back to the theater for 10 verkins.

Mosey back to launch point.


Many of the pax were discussing the amount of time spent drinking football and watching beer in the previous 36 hours.  All the more reason to make a Thursday morning post! 

Thanks to Spackler for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to welcome Rebel Yell to it’s new home.  Hopefully I gave the site Q’s plenty of painful ideas for the coming weeks.

Great effort by the pax out there today.  As promised, this wasn’t my most creative Q, but hopefully it was one of the more painful ones.


Rebel Yell will be meeting at Stonecrest from here on out.  Meet in the parking lot on the far side of the movie theater.

Joe Davis Memorial Convergence and 5K is Saturday at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill.  Convergence at 7.  2ndF Coffeeteria at 8.  Race 9.  Pax should consider participating in any or all of these portions of the event.

Lone Survivor on 1/10 at the Arboretum Cinebarre.  The Murph at all Saturday morning sites on 1/11.


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10 years ago

Nice lead Mighty Mite and great sight too. The burpee hill was particularly tough. Nice seeing Matlock living up to his New Years resolution of showing up on time…

Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

There’s an old saying here in America: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut up!” How’s that translate in the Queen’s English? The hill repeats were tough.

10 years ago

10-4 Matlock. Just saying as I see it! Hey I need you on Q at Kevlar pal. Let me know when and what time I can tell the pax to arrive…

Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

Would be honored to Q. Just let me get into some shape in order to avoid embarrassing myself. And you continue to call it as you see it. If I slack point it out. Love, Matlock

10 years ago

You two ought to get a room.

Great work Mighty Mite and thank you. Definitely learned a lot more about our new site. Any one of the PAX today could lead and not embarrass themselves. Strong. Pretty pumped about what’s to come from Rebel Yell.

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