“Burn the Boats”

“Burn the Boats”

Ten men gathered this morning to get in the last beat down of 2013 at Stonehenge.

The Thang

Warm up jog around the lake with 4 corners – Merkins, Side Straddle Hop, Squats and Burpees (Rinse and Repeat)

– 30 Dips, 20 Box Jumps, 10 Decline Merkins (3x)

– 30 Lunges, 20 LBC’s, 10 Merkins rotating right and left arm high (3x)

– Jog to field

– Bear Crawl down and Lung back across the field

– Indian Run around the Lake

-Mosey to pull up bar – 10 Pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 Lunges (3x)

-Mosey to hill – Ladder of LBCs and Burpees

-Mosey to field – Mary for a combined 110 exercises including, Heals to heaven, Mason Twists, LBCs and Freddy Mercury

-Indian Run back to launch point


– Awesome work from the men that posted today.
– It was great to Q today as I have missed hanging out with the boys of Stonehenge – what a great way to kick off a Saturday morning.
– Great chatter throughout the morning about new years resolutions and songs that get us motivated to get up at 5+AM on a Saturday – Rage.., Selena Gomez (what?)
– Tclaps to Mark (FNG) christened “Entourage” great showing.

-Quick History Lesson

The Greeks were master motivators who understood how to instill commitment and prepare their soldiers for victory. To infuse their army with a spirit of commitment, the moment they landed on the enemy’s shore, the Greek commanders would give the order to “burn the boats.” Imagine the tremendous psychological impact on the soldiers as they watched their boats being set to the torch. There was no turning back. Once their boats were burned, they realized that the only way they were going home was through victory.
For 2014 plan on “burning the boats” in your life and allow for on VICTORY in your own life

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10 years ago

I thought LL said Vikings not Greeks. Funny.

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