F3TheStand: The Masculine Mandate

F3TheStand: The Masculine Mandate


Make plans to join me, Champagne and the men of #F3TheStand over the next several weeks as we read and discuss the book “The Masculine Mandate” by Richard Phillips.  This offers a great opportunity to explore God’s calling to men in several areas of our lives, to talk with our F3 brothers about the issues and struggles we all face and to share in the victories we accomplish through Him.

This is The Masculine Mandate: To be spiritual men placed in real-world, God-defined relationships, as lords and servants under God to bear God’s fruit by serving and leading.  The book is divided into two parts: Understanding the Mandate and Living the Mandate.  The first section establishes biblically who man is by taking an in-depth look at Genesis 2 and then looking at man’s duty to work, bear God’s image and maintain lordship over creation.  The second section deals with application in work, marriage and dating, child rearing, brotherly friendships and church business.

The book is available at the following:



It is also available on iBooks for $9.99.

This Friday, December 27th, we’ll preview the book.  No need to have a copy of the book or to bring anything…we’ll have all you need for our preview discussion.  We’ll launch into the book on Friday, January 3rd.

#F3TheStand meets at the Panera Bread at Carmel/51 each Friday at 0630 following #F3Centurion.

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