You Sir, Are Not Graham Gano; But You Sure Can Push A Sled!

You Sir, Are Not Graham Gano; But You Sure Can Push A Sled!

9 pax posted for a football themed daily downPAINment.  Here’s how it went down:

The Thang:

Grab the football and tee and quick mosey to the football field for warmup:

No COP, rather LOP (Lines Of Pain) facing the QIC

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Up / Downs, Up / Down roll Left, Up / Down roll Right

Mosey over to the 7 man football sled.  Push 100 yards to other end zone rotating positions every 15 yards.  Turn the sled around and repeat back down to other end zone for total of 200 yards. (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey to the 10 yard line for Combo work (exercise called while each pax takes a turn attempting a field goal). 

Round 1:  Exercises in between while waiting for pax to kick where Squats & Lunges.  Successfull field goals resulted in all pax doing 5 Burpees, Unsuccessfull field goal resulted in all pax sprinting to other end zone and back.

Round 2: Exercises in between while waiting for pax to kick where Merkins, Flutters, LBCs.  Successfull field goal all pax continue doing exercises called, Unsuccessfull field goal resulted in all pax sprinting from the 10 yard line to the top of Grandma Mountain and back. (Crowd Pleaser #2)

Mosey over to the bleachers for 3 Sets of Step Ups x 20, Dips x 20, Derkins x 15 (Declined Merkins).

Run it out back to the parking lot.



Great work by all the pax today!  I don’t know about you but I was smoked by the end with all the 200 yard sprints and sprints to the top of Grandma Mnt.  At the end as we jogged back to the parking lot YHC called for a jail break if you’ve got it and the only 2 takers were Fletch and Lobster Roll, strong work fellas!  I should have had the 2 of you push that sled some more.  T-Claps also to Rivet and Spandex for continuing to post several times a week since starting about a month ago, you guys are getting stronger and faster with each week so keep it up!

So some of us can kick field goals and some of us clearly need some practice.  YHC wasn’t sure how many penalty runs we would have this morning but it turned out we had 11 penalties out of 18 attempts.  Great for the workout, but not for bragging rights.  Baracus and Spandex led the way with making both of their attempts.  Mr. Brady, Lobster Roll, and Rivet all made 1 out of 2.  Then we had Twister, Fletch, Lab Rat and YHC (Mall Cop) all with a big fat goose egg!  This workout will return at some point so we should all practice in the neighborhood with our 2.0s!


Special Prayer for the family of one of our own from the North Clt Pax, as IHOP “John Powers” went home to be with our heavenly father yesterday.  Let’s keep IHOP’s family and our North Clt brothers in our prayers as they go through this tuff time, especially during the Christmas Season.

Skunkvergence on Christmas Eve, Tues 12/24, at 5:30 for a 1 hour beatdown from Tiger Rag with a coffeetiria aftwerwards at Panera afterwards at the Arboreetum.  Be there or be square if you aren’t traveling out of town!

Start giving a serious thought to participating in the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) as Baracus is Qing the effort this year and we will need to start signing up some teams in the late Jan / early Feb. time frame.  Any pax currently participating in F3 can do it with a little training and it is a blast!  We won’t lie, the running sucks, but the fellowship and the personal accomplishment is well worth it! CSAUP

Until Next Time!

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The Hoff
10 years ago

That sled is a beast! Reading that BB brought back horrible memories of playing football in high school…however when we pushed the sled at Spearhead a few months ago, it was a kick in your pride because it is a lot tougher than it looks.
Anytime there is a sled it must be pushed!!! Nice work Mall Cop and PAX of Joust.

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