Hydra keeps things moving,,,as usual

Hydra keeps things moving,,,as usual

13 pax rose from their nice warm beds to take on the Hydra. When the Q runs to the workout with a 35-lb ruck sack on, you better believe there is something fun planned for the pax. I mean, there is this thing called equal pain distribution. Just sayin’. We ran over 1.5 miles and managed 200 merkins on this workout tour.

The Thang:

Merkins x 30

Warmup is 2 laps, 4 corners: SSH x 10, M Climbers x 10, Rock Hoppers x 10, Burpees x 10

Flutterkicks while we wait (compliments of Donkey Kong)

Merkins x 30

Partner Up – Partner A Bear Crawls, Parner B Burpees and Chase, switch – 1 Lap

Merkins x 30

.75 Mile Indian Run to Office Building next to Harris Teeter (where did Reload go?)

Merkins x 50

Criss Cross in Parking Lot line to line – Sprint Back when reach end

.75 Mile Indian Run to back to Olde Providence Elementary

Mosey to field behind school and circle up:

Merkins x 30

Time for some core:

Heels to Heaven x 10

Mason Twist x 12

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary Left x 10, Center x 10, Right x 10 – switch

Heels to Heaven x 10

Mason Twist x 10

Old School Situps (partner A planks on feet, partner B sit ups) x 15

Mosey to finish

Circle Up and finish with Merkins x 30

on the day, 200 Merkins – nice work!

Ball of Man – Closing prayer by QIC

The Moleskin:

Admittedly QIC has been on somewhat of a lazy tour since BRR and appreciates the opportunity to lead this workout. It is a reminder that everyone is put there pushing themselves and getting stronger. Gummy was tearing it up out there, Fletch bringing his usual speed, puddin pop was tearing up the bear crawls (or the bear crawls were tearing him up), insomniac showed some strength, Blades of Glory and Gecko showed some wheels out there as well when out on our fun run. I have seen Camacho posting Hydra regularly, Mall Cop showed for what he said would make him on track for 6 posts this week, That is mega strong brother and glad to lend you my ruck sack while you decide that YOU WILL SIGN UP FOR GORUCK CHALLLENGE.  I firmly believe EVERY F3 PAX should complete at least 1 goruck challenge in their lifetime and my vote would be younger over older, so just sign up and be a part of something hard to describe. It was and may be the hardest physical challenge I have endured, but also one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. The camaraderie and bonding through training and completing the mission makes it all worth it. See Dora for details.

The chill never really got to anyone as we had a constant motion going. We skipped the starting warmup circle and just got down to business for a little warmup on the track to set the tone. On our run we inadvertently lost Reload. Sorry about that Reload as we do not like to lose fellas out in the gloom and try to keep everyone together – should have fallen back for you brother! We reunited with Reload back at OP Elementary and we finished as one pax – whew!

AFter the beat down today, QIC happily hitched a ride home with Puddin Pop. . My lazy tour has resulted in just a wee bit of fatigue. The pax were strong today and I appreciated the opportunity to lead. Thanks gentlemen and anyone interested in stepping up to lead Hydra workouts in coming weeks let me know.

By the way where is Greyhound? The 70+year old warrior was a staple for several months straight and I have not seen him in weeks. Zima brought him out, maybe he knows.

Until next time gentlemen. Keep coming back and bring other pax and friends to Hydra.


Up to 26 workouts in Area 51 – great stuff!

Convergence next Tuesday at Skunkworks – be there for the fun. Look for workout start time in Weekly Sunday Email.

Step up and Q Hydra in 2014 – we need to add some folks to the rotation.We have had the following pax lead Hydra thus far: Donkey Kong, 49er, Bugeater, Cheese Curd, Run Stopper, Cotton Mouth, High Tide, Champagne – and would like to add more to this list. When you lead you get to design the workout.  That is the beauty of it. Step up and let Kong, 49er, or Bugeater know which week in Jan or Feb you would be interested in.


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