Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

13 Men helped the Q’s with a last minute audible as once Double D’s got a taste of the Ruck, he asked for more…so the Pax responded and rummaged through their cars to help us collect 13 coupons that we could use for our routine.  We had an 85lbs, 70lbs and 50lbs sandbags, several kettle bells, 5 Ruck sacks and even thought I saw a guy with a Kitchen Sink! The Charge Weights

Extra Credit:

04:55-05:25 1.5 Mile Ruck with Coupons (85lb, 70lb and 50lb Sandbag)

The Thang 

Double D’s on Q:

Everyone grab a weight, ruck or sandbag and run up to carpool lane and down to football field (drop off coupons by consession stand)

SSH x 30

Burpees x 10 

1/8 mile run 

Burpees x 10

IW x 10 

1/8 mile run

Burpees x 10

IW x 10

Partner work:

 P1 Run up Bleachers.  At Top Knee Ups x 10…run down; At bottom Dips x 20; Rinse and repeat – Run back to Track – Perform LBC’s until partner arrives

P2 Run ¼ Mile – meet P2 and perform 50 LBC’s


Rinse and Repeat x 2 complete cycles

The Hoff on Q

 Run to Concession Stand – Circle up with weights

Burpee-Squat-Thrust / Merkin – Jack Webb Style.  Each round, rotate to the left and get a new weight 

Burpee-Squat-Thrust x 1 / Merkin x 4

Burpee-Squat-Thrust x 1 / Merkin x 8

Burpee-Squat-Thrust x 1 / Merkin x 12

Burpee-Squat-Thrust x 1 / Merkin x 16

Burpee-Squat-Thrust x 1 / Merkin x 20

Round Robin: 

Perform Exercise with weights, then run behind bleachers, up 2 flights of stairs, across top of bleachers, down long steps and return to the circle with weight

Rd 1: Overhead Press x 20

Round Robin 

Rd2: Squat/Upright Row x 20

Round Robin 

Rd3: Squat x 20

Round Robin 


Monkey Humpers x 60 

Jailbreak to parking lot 

LBC x 30 



Great work all around and we covered a lot of ground today.  T-Claps to the entire Pax as YHC #1 (Double D’s) called an audible during the Extra Credit requesting that we use all the Rucks and weights (sandbags) we were carrying up Sardis Rd for the workout today.  So on the Fly, we adjusted the planned routine to accommodate….but we needed a little help from the Pax to pull it off. 

To our surprise, “The Charge” Pax always come prepared!  All we had to do was ask if anyone had something heavy to contribute to the mix and before we knew it, it was like asking the Genie in the Bottle for a wish come true….12 heavy weights appeared.  Each person strangely had something in their trunks already.  Gotta love the power of F3…our guys drive around town with sandbags, kettle bells 

Sorry for the late post, it’s been an extremely busy day and just was able to get to it.

Sound off below!!

As always, it was an honor to work with such strong individuals.


-The Hoff and Double D’s.

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10 years ago

After almost blacking out at the Matrix on Monday and stumbling around the hill at Skunkworks on Tuesday – I was hoping for break. No dice.

Oh well . . . the harder the workout the more fun they are to talk about later anyway. I never knew what those backpacks were all about. I thought that Big League Chew kept his pet Mississippi Muskrat in there. Found out today that they have bricks and just smell like a muskrat.

Not sure how I ended up contributing the 30lb kettlebells and getting stuck with the cannonball, but I suppose what doesn’t kill you makes you something . . .

The almost getting my head ran over by the lady in the parking lot at the end was a nice finish. I was trying to fake my way through some LBCs. BUSTED.

– Horsehead

10 years ago

Looks like Double Ds is the latest to fall into the Go Ruck cult with his double down. Looks like a great one! See you next week

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