G-ma Mountain, she’s a tough one

G-ma Mountain, she’s a tough one

6 started off and then we found number 7 down by the football field

The Thang:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Slow Low Squat x 20

Audible- gave Q to The Shore for the infamous Shore Shoulders

Mosey to G-Ma Mountain:

Ladder; 10 Pull-ups at top of G-ma then down for 10 Merkins at bottom of G-ma; then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 of each.  Up and down, Up and down….you get it.


Separate in two team:  three stations

1. Staduim stairs

2. Run the track

3. Dips on visitor bench

Do AMRAP until relieved by team mate.  2x around

Mary- In and outs x 20; Slow bicycle x 15; X torture(?) x 20; Dolly x 20; Flutter x 20

Back to G-ma for Bear Crawl up and back down.

100 yd sprint then mosey back to cars.


Great job today by a small but very hard work pax.  YHC had to call a couple audibles due to being a little over ambitious and time management concerns.

Shore shoulders- always a treat, ouch!  thanks The Shore for your help.

Welcome FNG Rivet (Seth),a Spandex recruit.  Great work out there.  Keep coming out, it does get easier.

Sorry to Mr. Brady for taking off a little early.  You only missed the warmup and Shore Shoulders.

G-Ma Mountain, she never dissappoints.  Baracus threatened to leave if we stayed on her all workout.  So YHC had to leave her then come back at the end.

Announcements:  Christmas Party this Saturday night at TR’s house.  Come on out and have a blast.  Ugly sweaters optional.

Mission I’m Possible – Saturdays at 9am, Men’s Shelter workout.

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