Counting up

Counting up

A mathematical start to the day at Bagpipe!

The thang:

Mosey to warm up. 10 SSH. 11 mountain climbers. 12 merkins.  13 imperial walkers.

Mosey to lake wall. 14 merkins. 15 dips. 16 jump ups.

1 lap of lake. 17 merkins. 18 dips. 19 jump ups.

Run to northern shore. 20 merkins. 21 supine pullups. 22 flutter.

Repeato: 23 merkins. 24 supine pullups. 25 dolly.

Repeato: 26 merkins.  27 supine pullups. 28 heels to heavens.

Mosey to 2nd lake. 29 merkins. Lap of lake. 30 merkins.  31 mason twist.  Lap of lake. 32 mason twist.

Mosey back to parking lot.  Hit it hard for 33 burpees.



– When Puppy Love was asked “How is your day going so far?” his response was “F*&^%#@g Haggis!”

– Chipotle on Q for next week.

– Everyone enjoyed the 33 burpees at the end.

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