Does Eating Turkey Make You Sleepy?

Does Eating Turkey Make You Sleepy?

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The turkey is often cited as the culprit in after dinner lethargy, but the truth is that you could omit the bird altogether and still feel the effects of the feast. Turkey does contain L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid with a documented sleep inducing effect. L-tryptophan is used in the body to produce the B-vitamin, niacin. Tryptophan also can be metabolized into serotonin and melatonin, neurotransmitters that exert a calming effect and regulates sleep. However, L-tryptophan needs to be taken on an empty stomach and without any other amino acids or protein in order to make you drowsy. There’s lots of protein in a serving of turkey and it’s probably not the only food on the table.

Runstopper hope you get well soon, we heard about getting injured by carrying a 190lbs turkey.

The very best and fine six men that battle against the turkey hangover came to resist and claim their title (“For very best”) at centurion.

The thang (or what I can recall of it)

Run to the first parking lot

Warm up

  • 20 Star straddle hop
  • 15 shuffle merkins
  • 20 deep squads
  • 15 merkins
  • 15 mountain climbers

Indian Backward run with a twist, the last person run to the front regular, then switch karaoke style one side then alternate the other side to the small parking lot.

Circle Up for Marys
Each person lead one mary and the person leading run a lap around the parking lot, everyone else do burpees

  • 20 Bicycle
  • 20 Heels to Heaven
  • In honor of Runstopper we did 4 corners
    • 1st corner 15 wide merkins lunge walk to the next corner
    • 2nd corner 15 wide arm merkins pivot squat to the next corner
    • 3rd corner 15 diamonds lounge walk to the next corner
    • 4th corner 15 Carolina Dry Docks pivot squad to the first corner
  • Crazy Count Double Squat Burpee with two pushup and mission impossible (OUCH).
  • 20 flutters, hold on for 1 minute then another 20 flutters

Mosey to the aquarium parking lot

  • Sideways Plank-walk all the way to the top, run backward down
  • Bear-crawl all the way to the top, 10 count, another 10 count, run backward down
  • 15 Burpees, karaoke half hill switch side the other half, another 20 jump squats
  • Plank-O-Rama with 30 second six inches.

Mosey the long way back to start
Indian Backward run with a twist, the last person run to the front regular, then switch karaoke style one side then alternate the other side, then each person call for a different exercise for whomever is running to the front, until the last light pole on the first light pole were we jailbreak to the cars.

The weather was a warm 27 degrees (just like in the tropics, which I would have never known what an under 0 degree Celsius occur…).

YHC did not bring a watch counting on the MIA partner having to make everyone suffer for the full workout. good for him and the band of brother, someone had a watch, because by 6:10 he was warn that there was only 5 minutes to go, and YHC had another half an hour in mind….

Happy Thanksgiving to all the PAX of F3. Thanks for letting me Q.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I’m thinking RS had to get in line at Carolina Place Mall at 3am and that’s why he missed being co-Q. He may have been injured but it was more likely from carrying all the shopping bags for the M.

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