The Charge is On

The Charge is On

Charger Horse

11 Charged up warriors met at Providence Day School with one mission: Earn that Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow!

The Thang

Double D’s on Q:

Warm Up

Lap around car-pool alternating between high knees, high kicks and side steps

Mosey to the track

Run laps around the track/ During run YHC called out (in random order and intervals)

-Down – Hit the ground and pop back up, continue running

-Knees Up x 5 High jumps with knees up to chest

– Merkins x 10

End Zone: Break off into 2 teams and race each other

-Round 1: Indian Run 200 Yards- During run Q called out “Knees Up and “Down” several times to throw Pax off

Merkins x 10

High Knees x 10

LBC x 10

– Round 2: Indian Run 200 Yards – During run Q called out :Knees Up and Down” several times to throw Pax off

Merkins x 10

High Knees x 10

LBC x 10

– Round 3: Over Under Indian run 200 Yards – P1 run 10 yards and get down, P2 runs and jumps over P1 and gets down on the 20…rinse and repeat with all 6 team members covering 200 yards

-Round 4: Jump Over Team Mate’s Back Indian Run – P1 runs 5 yards and gets bend over slightly, P2 jumps over P1’s back, runs 5 yards and bends over…rinse and repeat with all 6 team members covering 100 Yards

Sprint Back to End Zone

The Hoff on Q:

Partner Up – Size does not matter

Merkin/Squat Ladder

20) P1 Merkins x 20, P2 Squat x 20; P1 Squat x 20, P2 Merkins x 20

19) P1 Merkins x 19, P2 Squat x 19; P1 Squat x 19, P2 Merkins x 19

18) P1 Merkins x 18, P2 Squat x 18; P1 Squat x 18, P2 Merkins x 18

17) P1 Merkins x 17, P2 Squat x 17; P1 Squat x 17, P2 Merkins x 17

16) P1 Merkins x 16, P2 Squat x 16; P1 Squat x 16, P2 Merkins x 16

15) P1 Merkins x 15, P2 Squat x 15; P1 Squat x 15, P2 Merkins x 15

14) P1 Merkins x 14, P2 Squat x 14; P1 Squat x 14, P2 Merkins x 14

13) P1 Merkins x 13, P2 Squat x 13; P1 Squat x 13, P2 Merkins x 13

12) P1 Merkins x 12, P2 Squat x 12; P1 Squat x 12, P2 Merkins x 12

11) P1 Merkins x 11, P2 Squat x 11; P1 Squat x 11, P2 Merkins x 11

10) P1 Merkins x 10, P2 Squat x 10; P1 Squat x 10, P2 Merkins x 10

9) P1 Merkins x 9, P2 Squat x 9; P1 Squat x 9, P2 Merkins x 9

8) P1 Merkins x 8, P2 Squat x 8; P1 Squat x 8, P2 Merkins x 8

7) P1 Merkins x 7, P2 Squat x 7; P1 Squat x 7, P2 Merkins x 7

6) P1 Merkins x 6, P2 Squat x 6; P1 Squat x 6, P2 Merkins x 6

5) P1 Merkins x 5, P2 Squat x 5; P1 Squat x 5, P2 Merkins x 5

4) P1 Merkins x 4, P2 Squat x 4; P1 Squat x 4, P2 Merkins x 4

3) P1 Merkins x 3, P2 Squat x 3; P1 Squat x 3, P2 Merkins x 3

2) P1 Merkins x 2, P2 Squat x 2; P1 Squat x 2, P2 Merkins x 2

1) P1 Merkins x 1, P2 Squat x 1; P1 Squat x 1, P2 Merkins x 1

As each team finished, we joined whatever team was still on the ladder and as a group all finished together – NICE TEAMWORK!

Tunnel of Love down football field

Frog Jump 10 yards

Bear Crawl 10 yards

Frog Jump 10 yards

Bear Crawl 10 yards

Duck Walk 10 yards

Sprint back to parking lot


– LBC x 50

– Bicycle Abs x 40

– Roselita x 40



Strong performance by all the Pax today as each of us had 1 mission in mind.  Earn those calories tomorrow.  A few of us commented on how nice the weather was in comparison to what we experienced yesterday…if you fart sacked Tuesday, great decision as it was the perfect condition out there if you wanted a dose of misery.  Today however seemed like a day a the beach since it was 46 and only drizzled a little.

T-Claps to Liquor Cycle for providing the music.  This guys is a walking Juke box and the Pax greatly appreciated having the motivation today.  STP was a nice touch.

Not sure if you can give a field T-Claps, but I am going to do it anyway.  The PDS turf field is a joy to train on and unreal how well it drains.  It was nice to take clothes off today after the routine and have no grass to pick off the floor.

Sound off below if you’d like to comment about the routine or saw anything you thought was interesting…

On behalf of Double D’s, thank you for spending your morning with us mates!

As always, it is an honor to workout with such great individuals involved


The Hoff

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10 years ago

belks are a Charger family so I’m going to have to check it out. possibly next Wednesday. sounds awesome.

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