Hair Band’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Pain Train

Hair Band’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Pain Train

12 PAX had front row seats as Hair Band rocked Outland this week during his inaugural QIC.  Thanks for stepping up and great job leading the workout brother.  Kid Rock’s got nothing on the Pain Train you delivered.

The Thang

-Mosey to SF
SSH x20 – IW x 20 – Manmakers x10 – Slow Squat x10

-Mosey back to Middle school
Ooh a wall!
Partner up quickly, size doesn’t matter

Round 1
Partner 1 – calf raises on the curb x 40 – The curb was to offer more range of motion, didn’t think about balance though. We are not gymnasts or ballerinas so, audible! Move off the curb.
Partner 2 – People chair + air presses until P1 done

Round 2
P1 – Squat in the lot x 30
P2 – BTWs until P1 done – *Bonus move if you’re man enough, add some presses.

Round 3
P1 – Carolina Dry Docks x 30
P2 – Donkey kicks

Plank when done

-Mosey to the cheese!
Incline merkin x20
Decline merkin x20
Cheese (bus)weave – Whoa! More buses than I remember. Picked a # and only weaved to that one. (About 8-10 buses in)

Incline wide arm merkin x20
Decline diamond merkin x10
Cheese weave


Dips x 20
jump ups x10
Cheese weave

Lbc x20
Plank til all pax are done.

Jack Webb!
Merkins/airpresses 1:4 to 10:40 in honor of Zip.

CT picks up the Q

Mosey to Baseball Field
Plank @ home plate
Bear Crawl to first base hollow rock and wait for all PAX to arrive
Squats x20
Lunge Walk to second base
Sister Mary Catherine x20
Backward lunge walk to third base
Dancing Crab until all PAX Arrive
Crab Walk to Home Plate plank and wait for all PAX to finish

Mosey to Soccer field for some Core work

6 MoM extended
LBC x20
Freddy Mercury x20
Reverse Plank
Back Scratchersx20
Side Crunch Right x14
Side Crunch Left x16
Jack Knife x15 (and hold)
Dolly x15
Plank x1min

“Rock & Roll” in honor of Hair Band’s inaugural Q.  Mosey to rockpile, pick good size rock and line up on the practice FB field w/ partner

Round 1
Partner 1 curl your rock
Partner 2 sprint to tackle dummy and back

Round 2
Partner 1 overhead triceps extensions with your rock
Partner 2 sprint to tackle dummy and back

Round 3
Partner 1 Squat Press your rock
Partner 2 sprint to tackle dummy and back

Mosey to Obstacle Course
5 pull-ups
Over the wall #1
Over and unders
Over the wall #2
Balance beams
High knees through the tires
10 incline crunches
Plank and wait for all PAX to finish

Mosey to base of hill @ disc golf course
On your bellies and… jail break to the shovel flag



Moleskin:  Hairband delivered a first rate beat down this week and all PAX stood strong through the pain. Chicken dance was back after fully recovering from dominating the Spartan Beast a couple week’s ago.  We even considered renaming balls-to-the wall this week in honor of Chicken Dances “unique” form, which looked more like a turkey ready to be stuffed.
Kudos to Horse Head who apparently pushed himself to the point of spilling Merlot  this week during burpees.  “Chunky Burps” as he affectionately named them still count… Did we do burpees?  This was passed on from Hair Band… YHC doesn’t remember the burpees, or the Merlot, probably too gassed to think straight at the time.

Announcement:  Next week (November 30th) Outland will be converging with Area 51 for a post Turkey Day beatdown.  Spread the word for all who weren’t at this week’s workout.

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Hair Band
10 years ago

If I said burpees it was the O2 deprivation kicking in. I think he actually mentioned it on the way over to the field/rock pile on your Q.

10 years ago

Nope – didn’t blow any chunks this time. That was a couple of weeks ago. I did have the deep burps though . . .

Fun workout with the 2.0s there with us. My son really has a blast at the Outland party. Double E brought some discs for a bonus disc golf round with the kids afterwards and they enjoyed that as well.

– Horsehead

Hair Band
10 years ago

By the way, aside from playing in rock bands over the years I also have useless rock knowledge e.g. if I’m not mistaken, that pic CT posted is of the band Nitro. The singer was Jim Gillette who was married to Lita Ford for years.

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