Preblast: Stonehenge 11/23

Preblast: Stonehenge 11/23

If you missed the pre-preblast, check it out here

If you are distraught over the limited running format for Stonehenge tomorrow, come at 5:30 for a fellowship run before the “Ruck and FNG fiesta”.  The pace will really be fellowship and no man will be left behind. 

Tomorrow’s workout is going to be a painfest so a kettlebell warmup session is not suggested.  Feel free if you want, but YHC is not doing it.

The plan for the main event is locked and loaded.  We will be covering between 0.5 and 1 mile tomorrow so this is not bad at all for rucking it.  Finalize those budget rucks and bring them out.  The more creative the better. 

See you in the Gloom!

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