Centurion takes on the Murph – Ready for Round 2

Centurion takes on the Murph – Ready for Round 2

33 men gathered in the gloom around the virtual shovel flag to pay respects to Lt Micheal Murphy and the workout named after him.

The Thang:



Mtn Climbers X20

IW X20

Run 1 mile

Perform the following (most did 10 sets of 10/20/30)

100 Pull ups (assisted or Australian – as necessary)

200 Merkins

300 Air Squats

Run 1 mile back starting point for some Mary led by Hops


Naked Moleskin

This is a you versus you.  Can be timed but in 45 minutes much of the PAX had to settle for getting in as many sets as they could.  The run may have been slightly over 1 mile and the warm up COP required precious minutes but the goal is to do the best you can and get better each time.

Great crew and I love the age difference (two Doubles Hates at 27 all the way up to WD of 60+).   Foot wedge was new to Centurion and picked a good one as the murph always pleases.

Anyone looking for a Christmas gift for Philmont can buy him a new joke book.  Some of the PAX were complaining about reuse of old material.

Long Distance stepped up to Q on Black Friday and Run Stopper quickly jumped in to co-Q, reminding everyone that it was “Black Friday”.   Luckily that PAX will not have to wait in line for a beat down and all the “gifts” at Centurion only require sweat.


Convergence at the Rock on Turkey Day.

Tutoring continues and you are encouraged to invite others including high school age kids and older, wives, girl friends (not on the same day), neighbors, grand parents.  F3 has Thursday but the programs can use more help Monday thru Thursday.


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