Southern Hospitality and Serenity

Southern Hospitality and Serenity

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the running at #F3DevilsTurn?  Fed up with the traffic on Rea Road drowning out the cadence of even the loudest Q at #F3Hydra?  Then you need to make #F3RebelYell your Thursday morning destination spot.  Nestled in the woods of South Charlotte, just off the beaten path, you’ll find #F3RebelYell.  And once you step foot on the hallowed grounds of Polo Ridge, you’ll feel that serenity that’s eluded you at other sites, where the city lights drown out the natural beauty of the moon and stars.  And when you are greeted by the site Qs with a handshake and pat on the back, you’ll know whatever you had to do to get there was worth it.  And if you’ve ever been offered a cup of Spackler’s magic cider, you know you won’t find a site more welcoming…that’s guaranteed.

Never was the southern hospitality more evident than this morning, when #F3RebelYell welcomed several site FNGs, including one Dirty McDeuce.  But before his full indoctrination, there came the COP.  A nice run along the path by the historic log cabin school houses to the back lot of the property brought us to a place of utmost tranquility, where the stillness of the moment was only interrupted by the sounds of deer scampering through an adjacent field, squirrels foraging in the nearby woods, birds welcoming the rising dawn from their perch in the treetops, 12 men enthusiastically counting in cadence and Joker unleashing natural gases into the atmosphere.  Never has a COP of 40 SSHs, 20 Merkins, 25 IWs, 25 Mountain Climbers and 25 LBCs been more exhilarating.

Then our guest for the morning was introduced and Dirty McDeuce took center stage for 4 sets of 3 exercises to 12 in cadence reps with a 12 second rest in between each exercise.  So that the Pax could fully experience the vastness of the Polo Ridge property, we toured the site by moving from one location to another in between the Dirty McDeuce sets.  Since the back lot had much to offer to engage all the senses, we stayed there for the first set that included Merkins, Dollies and Jump Squats.  From there we moved to one end of the paved paradise behind the scholastic center for the second set that included CDDs, Flutters and Jumping Lunges.  For the third set, we traversed to the other side of the paved paradise where we did Narrow Merkins, Rosalitas and Slow Squats.  Settled at the base of a rolling hill on one side of the property there’s a beautiful picnic area where we accomplished Decline Merkins, LBCs and Step Ups for our fourth set.  Thank you Dirty McDeuce for all that was done.

Next we moved to an onsite rock wall for People’s Chair… a couple of rounds of left leg up, right leg up, on tip-toes with some 10 counts and words of encouragement with an international flair from Long Distance.  Again, the natural sounds and smells of Joker’s flatulence filled the air.  There was an indescribable oneness among the group at that moment.  Despite the Pax affinity for the rock wall, we returned to the paved paradise for a vitalizing round of the Burpee/Squat Suicide Ladder with stops by each basketball goal.  Another reminder that #F3RebelYell has something for everyone.

With the time of our departure drawing near, we ran back towards the site Welcome Center.  But first a slow down to take it all in with some Lunge Walk followed by Squat Pivots, which offered the unique perspective of a panoramic view of this picturesque location.  A mosey to our launch point left us with time for some Mary of 25 Dollies, Various Protractor Angles, 10 Groiners, 25 Peter Parkers, Some Plank Work and 25 LBCs.  Having completed our tasks, we gathered for a COT and said our goodbyes.  All of us left with the satisfaction of a job well done but not before Crabcake took this experience over the top by offering us pinch of his mystical recovery snack.  There’s just something about #F3RebelYell that feels like home.

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10 years ago

Very clever Phaze. Awesome read! The burpee ladder was a nice touch. Callaway enjoyed it so much that he took a little snooze on the blacktop during plank #RelaxEtVous. Thanks for leading.

High Tide
10 years ago

Are you available to contract out backblasts? Fun read.

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