Pre-Preblast: Stonehenge – Nov 23

Pre-Preblast: Stonehenge – Nov 23

So Dolphin is letting me Q Stonehenge again after a long hiatus and I had a bright idea; what if we do a workout with limited running? Before you start planning your mutiny, read below to see why this is a great idea.

Reason #1: Thunder Road is over! Those that participated are likely burned out on the whole running thing and could use a change of pace.

Reason #2: There are new events for the SOB to set their sights on like the Spring Mud Run and GORUCK challenge.

Reason #3: It presents a great opportunity for inviting that FNG that you have been trying to EH. 

Here’s the deal.  If you have a ruck pack or at least your teenager’s old bookbag, load it with 6 bricks and show up to Stonehenge.  See this link for one (particularly thorough) way to load your bricks.   Since we won’t be running, you should be fine even if this is your first time with a ruck.  I am personally bringing my “budget ruck” made from an old North Face bookbag.   

For the FNG’s, they will have a leg up because all of us ruck newbies will be busy manhandling the rucks.  They will also be much happier since we will be covering less ground than normal (common complaint of the FNG to Stonehenge).

Even if you don’t want to ruck and you are no FNG, still show up!  Believe me, it is going to be a beat down (just with less running). 

So there it is, the plan for Stonehenge this week.  I am sending this out early so you have time for making your own “budget ruck” if you are so inclined.

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Market Timer
10 years ago

I like it, HB!! Think I can muster up something in the next few days. Have some extra bricks too. Could probably supply 2 others if anyone needs them.

Mic Check
10 years ago

This sounds like a horrible idea, but I’ll see what I can wrestle up.

10 years ago

Sorry to miss it. Will be in Raleigh.

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