The Pastor was Prayin’

The Pastor was Prayin’

9 said “Cold?? This isnt cold” and they posted for what was, hopefully, a good Friday #beatDown.

The Thang

Mosey to North Lot for COP

SSH x 31
IW X 16 (What? – more to follow on that one)
Low Slow Squat x 20
Peter Parker x 20
Parker Peter x 20

Mosey to the track and partner up

1) Partner 1 runs 400 while P2 does 15 burpees & LBC until P1 returns – Flapjack
2) P1 runs 400 – P2 does 15 burpees then Dolly – flapjack
3) P1 runs 400 – P2 another 15 burpees and flutters – Flapjack

Mosey to 50 yard line for some Mary led by several members of the Pax
Head to the bottom of Grandmother Mtn

Partner Wheelbarrow up the Mountain then jog back down

Modfied Jacobs Ladder: 5 burpees at the top 1 squat at the bottom til and work your way up/down the ladder.
Mosey to Home team bleachers

Partner 1 completes the circuit of stairs (up/down every set of stairs) while P2 does 15 Derkins then Dips til P1 returns

Head back to the shovel flag for COT


So last as YHC is headed to the fartsack, I realized that I had no workout planned. YHC’s 2.0, Yoda, said “Hey, Dad, just audible the whole workout!” So that’s what YHC did. Good call Yoda. #NoWeinkeNeeded.

During COP, while doing Imperial Walkers, YHC’s mind began to wonder. For some unknown reason, YHC involuntarily called out the cadence for the 16th rep as if it was our last for the IW’s. YHC has no idea why, but the Pax were a little perplexed.

After the pax made it to the top of Grandmother Mtn the first time, it was reported that Header, a Pastor, was praying out loud for the pain to end. While YHC did not hear Header’s prayer, it does come from a very reliable source.

Charlotte South keeps adding workouts so fast that it’s hard to keep up. If you like the Charlotte Christian site, come out this Wednesday to The Charge which meets at Providence Day School – intersection of Sardis and Rama. Just 5 mins north of CCS for the #Southies who are directionally challenged when traveling north of Hwy 51.

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