13 men arrived on the fields of Outland for a little fun i the sun er’ gloom.

The Thang

Warm up COP

  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Perfect Merkins x10
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • LBC x20
  • Mosey to railings behind school
  • Walk the plank along the railings three levels up the ramp and squats until all PAX finish
  • Indian run to Elem School

She Hate Me at the Playground

  • Toe taps on the benchs x40
  • Donkey kicks in the swings x20
  • Pull-ups x10
  • Lunge Walk and horse stance until all PAX finish
  • Indian Run to High School

Tiger Rag picks up the Q:

  • mosey over to Stadium (denied due to event)
  • mosey back to practice football field

Field Work

  • sprint width of field / merkins x20 / sprint back / plank
  • sprint width of field / merkins x15 / sprint back / plank
  • sprint width of field / merkins x10 / sprint back / plank
  • sprint width of field / merkins x5 / sprint back / plank
  • karaoke width of field / LBCs x20 / karaoke back / plank
  • karaoke width of field / LBCs x15 / karaoke back / plank
  • karaoke width of field / LBCs x10 / karaoke back / plank
  • karaoke width of field / LBCs x5 / karaoke back / plank
  • backpeddle width of field / Squats x20 / backpeddle back / plank
  • backpeddle width of field / Squats x15 / backpeddle back / plank
  • backpeddle width of field / Squats x10 / backpeddle back / plank
  • backpeddle width of field / Squats x5  / backpeddle back / plank

Moey to corner of field for 6 MoM

  •  LBCs x20
  • Flutter kicks x20
  • Dollys x20
  • Stop motion Flutter kicks
  • Stop Motion Dollys

Mosey to base of Disc Golf Course and Prison Break to Shovel Flag


Moleskin:  Great work by all this a.m.  Special surprise guest this a.m. when Tiger Rag arrived on the scene.   Instead of offering to comp his mileage and hotel bills, after the long trip down to Outland, we decided to immediately put him to work Q’ing the second half of the workout.    Nuthin like showing up for a little fun and getting handed the reigns.  “Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him who first cries ‘Hold! enough!’”

Double E and Legacy??? had the wheels on this week for sprints at the football field and again at the Prison Break headed for the shovel flag and everyone YHC could see to my left and right obliged TR when he called for extra credit squat jumps and squat jumps w/knee tucks during the field work.  Way to represent.  OUTLANDERS!!!

The strength of 13 men proved no match for the fearless sun dried tomato who was leading  some sort of event at the HS track this a.m. as we were denied entrance even after begging pleading and smiling real pretty.    So instead of the pain TR had in store for us at the grand stands, we all about faced and headed over to the practice field for some self brutalizing.  Maybe we should thank her?

Continue to EH your local Indian Trail brothers as we go into the holidays.  Hair Band is on the Roster next week for inaugural QIC.  We are planning to converge Outland into another local Saturday workout on November 30th.  Details will follow in an upcoming weekly email.

YHC  may have mis-counted our numbers this a.m..  12 was the number Tweeted but looking at the roster I think we had 13.  Was it Legacy I missed?  Shout out and be heard.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Many of you have asked about the status of M Electric Slide “Lisa” over the past few weeks.  We heard form ES this week and he reports that she is doing well “…all of her levels that are centered around the kidney and pancreas functions are outstanding”.  Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.  Also, for anyone who will be around next weekend and is interested in helping out, ES will be hosting a “working party”  to get his house ready for Lisa to come home.  Details below…

Hardwood’s church, Church of the Redeemer has a Mercy Team that is going to be coming to my house to help make some other repairs that have been discovered.  It ranges from replacing some siding pieces that we destroyed by the termites, replacing some windows and repainting the house.  I also believe that another group of guys are going to be rebuilding the steps that come off my side door to make it safe for Lisa.  The day for this project is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23.  It is going to be an all day affair, and we will be providing food and drink.  We are trying to get as many guys together as we can to complete this project that day.  There may also be a need for a few guys on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22 to do some prep work.  Any help that we could get would be greatly appreciated!!  Please feel free to share this with the group.

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10 years ago

Thanks for leading this weekend. Sorry if the 2.0s got a little wild this time around – who knew a few red bulls would have that effect?

– Horsehead

Hair Band
10 years ago

Just confirming that yes, Legacy was there.

Do we have contact info or directions to ES’s house? I may need to bring my son but will try to make some time to go help… After F3/shower/O2 & H2O replenishment of course.

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