Soggy Ascent at OP

Soggy Ascent at OP

In honor of the guys running Thunder Road this morning, the Ascent Pax worked in a lot of running as we toured the campus of Olde Providence Elementary.

  • Jog to back football field
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • Merkins x 5
  • Slow Squats x 15
  • Diamond merkins x 5
  • Wide arm merkins x 5
The Thang
  • Line up on goal line in two groups
  • Group 1 runs to 30 and back. When last man crosses the goal line, group 2 goes.
  • 4 x to 30 yard line
  • 3 x to 50
  • 2 x to other 30
  • 1 x to other goal line
Protractor, LBC, Freddie Mercury x 10

Mosey to concession area

  • 5x burpees
  • 10x split squat jumps
  • 15x step or jump ups
  • 20x dips
  • Run to bullpen home plate and back
  • Repeat
Slow Mosey to dugouts
Group 1 BTW, Group 2 peoples chair, flapjack, repeat
Slow mosey to ball field 
  • Run to 1st,  bear walk back home
  • Run to 2nd, crab walk home
  • Run to 3rd, backwards bear crawl home
  • Run all the way around to home

Plank-o-Rama in the infield

Mosey to playground
  • Partner up
  • Each partner does
  • Pull-ups x 10
  • Decline merkins x 10
  • Sit ups x 10
  • Repeat
Mosey to front field
Run to goal line (40 yds), 10x Carolina dry docks, return to start
Repeat with squat jumps, merkins and split squat jumps
Mary part deux
Flutter, dolly, rosalita, Peter Parkers, Parker peters.
Done. Whew.

Good work this morning on the soggy fields of Olde Providence. I heard some serious heavy breathing and grunting, so I think mission accomplished. Thanks to Turntable for making the trip across the border from metro to the south land. Great work by FNG Weed.


Posted by High Tide on behalf of Gummy.

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