Rebel Ammo – Fun Bags.

Rebel Ammo – Fun Bags.

9 pax and a few fun bags cut through motha deep freeze at Rebel Yell.  She was stifling indeed.

The Thang

Time to move out earlier than 5:30….again, waiting around when it is 22 degrees is for the birds..  So we ran 10 feet…10 burps OYO.  Then stopped at every other streetlight for 10 diamonds x 3.  Ran around back of school to the black top.

Circle up

SSH x 10 – 5 burps

IW x 20 – 5 burps

You warm yet?  Not my problem.

Mosey to the cool side of the lunch room for circuit work

CDD x 30

Dips x 20

Decline Merkins x 10

Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to the blacktop for some fun bag shuffle (not the ones you were thinking about Callaway)

Get up in teams of 3 – 2 pax stand 75 yards apart and perform called out exercise while the 3rd team member runs with a 35lb fun bag and hands off to other team member to run back to beginning – you get it.  More running than YHC had planned but care factor was low.

Exercises included:  merkins, slow squat, arm raises, jump knee tucks, dolly

Indian run around perimeter of Polo Ridge fields – leader carries 35lb fun bag  **Approx 3/4 mile**

Next we performed 5 rounds of the “The Semi Gloss” with 50 LBC’s in between each minute of burn

Mosey back to pick up remaining fun bags and back to lot for mary

Dolly x 40 in cadence

Rosalita x 30 in cadence


Always a pleasure leading RY.  Great having FNG’s (site) Bulldog, Callaway and Joker join us. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.  YHC probably should have established a penalty for dropping a fun bag during the shuffle as Bulldog fumbled one early in the game..  Stick to futbol #benched.  Then again, a penalty should have also been thrown for that pebble thrower you released during Mary “wipethyself.  T claps to Long Distance.  Love this guy – 10…pain…9….pain…8….pain… – you had to be there. #imnotdoingthat  He will be leading us soon – minus fun bags.  T claps to Radar for letting RY use his fun bags.  Take that where you wish.  Boom.


Same ones.  Each day.  You already know them.  If not, read a previous backblast.

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10 years ago

Overheard jump knee tucks as junk peacocks. Strange. I think I’m 0 for 2 this week. Will be 5-1 on the post count.

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