Who’s Qing today?

Who’s Qing today?

Posted on behalf of Frehley’s Comet

Anyone know this site?  Mic Check stepped up to the plate.  PAX believe it to be Frehley’s Coment in charge.  Saw his car earlier then it left.  Wait, now he’s back…

YHC hopped out of the car with seconds to spare to begin promptly at 5:30.

Ran to lower parking lot for warm-ups – all in cadence
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Squat Straddle Hops x 10
Imperial Walker x 25
Squats x 25
Merkins X 15

Ran to 1st knee wall around the lake
Jump-ups x 15
Dips x 15
Decline Merkins x 15
Sitting (on the wall) Knee-up crunches to chest x 15

Ran to 2nd wall around the lake
Steps-ups with calf raise x 10 (per leg)
Incline Merkins x 15
1-Legged Wall Squats x 10 (per leg)
Sitting (on the wall) knee-up crunches to chest x 15

Ran around lake to fitness trail
10 Burpees
2 sets Supine Pull-ups X 15
2 sets Chin-ups x 10
(Merkins or Squats during “down-time” between sets)
Planks, rotating arm high and leg high

Ran to parking lot and lined up horizontally for sprints / exercises
sprint to middle with 1 exercise, sprint to end with 1 exercise, sprint back to middle with 1 exercise, sprint back to start.
Repeats with the following exercises:
1st set: Merkins: Regular x 10, Diamonds x 10, Wides x 10
2nd set: Burpees x 3 (9 total).
3rd set: Jump Squats x 10 (30 total)
4th set: Mary x 20 (60 total): LBC, Dolly, Bicycle
5th set: Mountain Climbers x 20 (60 total)
6th set: 1-arm behind back Planks – switching arms x 10 (30 total)
7th set: Jump Lunges x 10 (30 total)

Stayed in Parking Lot for Mary
Each exercise of 15 in cadence with 10 Merkins between EACH set of Mary:
Dolly then Merkins x 10
Flutter then Merkins x 10
Rosalita then Merkins x 10
Bicycle then Merkins x 10
Mason Twist then Merkins x 10
LBC then Merkins x 10
Ended with 3 sets of holding a 6 inch Merkin position for a 10 count (30 count total)

Ran back to Lake. Ran 1 lap around the lake “all you got” .

Ran back to the start at Vine Restaurant

Green Hills? May not be right…YHC apologizes; he announced himself as an FNG but only at this site…it threw me off. Can’t understand the recording…

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