The Semi-Gloss

The Semi-Gloss

frozen commode

Area 51’s finest ‘converged’ upon the dark, cold and unkept (ehum) site we all know as #F3DeathValley.  Just breaking records here weekly with the domination put forth.  YHC’s phone had some recording issues but I managed to get 11 PAX.  If you were there, you know it…..and so do your legs.

The Thang

When it is sub 26 degrees, waiting around for PAX to arrive turns seconds into minutes.  Must have been even more brutal for Semi Gloss on that metal commode #hovercraft. So we headed off earlier than 5:30 this morning for a quick little jog around the track. Threw in a few butt kicks, side shuffles etc.

Circle Up

SSH x 8 then 5 burps

SSH x 11 then 5 burps

IW x 10 then 5 burps

We are warm – mosey to bleachers by the diamond and partner up

Partner 1 perform called out exercise while Partner 2 runs back up to the frozen commode and around the outer perimeter of the baseball diamond and back to Partner 1 then flapjack

Exercises included Dips, Squats, Step Ups, Supine Pull Ups and LBC

Mosey to the hill for 11’s (crowd pleaser) – Diamonds and Jump Squats

Mosey to the frozen commode building for what we now call People’s Chair but have effectively renamed this exercise ‘The Semi Gloss’.

3 rounds of ‘The Semi Gloss’ with CDD’s (30,20,10)

Circle up for 1 minute abs (YHC likes his beer gut) – 36 Dolly in cadence


Strong effort by all the PAX today.  YHC wanted to keep things moving and I think we accomplished that…….  Speaking of ‘moving’, we are convinced Semi Gloss pulled a #hovercraft this morning in an effort to keep his cheeks from sticking to the commode.  Being that we basically had convergence numbers at #F3DeathValley this morning, we held a vote and it was unanimous that ‘People’s Chair’ is now effectively referred to as ‘The Semi Gloss’.  Thank you Purple Haze for motioning this to council.  Semi Gloss is a machine that just continues to generate fame.  T-claps to SaltLick, Uncle Leo and Header – not shocking, but all 3 put all out effort this morning and were the leaders in the clubhouse in each exercise.   Hey Header – Stagecoach has committed to mowing that hill so next time you can lap us 3 times #domination. Thank you Sussudio for taking us out in prayer.  Sussudio may have the best name in F3.  Always humbling to lead and always a pleasure doing so with such fine men.


  • Get signed up for Mud Run – today is last day
  • Rock Thrill’s brothers 5K 4th Jan
  • Dec 7th Christmas party
  • Young Life 5K on charlotte motor speedway and church service afterwards



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