The Udders Deck

The Udders Deck

On a brisk Monday morning a little extra energy ran through the pax as we were all very thankful for all those who served to give us the freedoms we all have. Thank you
The hungry pax of 14 power houses entered the gloom for a beatdown and an Udderly good time.

The Thang:

Warm up:

Little baby jog to the front of the school with high knees and ankle slappers.

5X burpees, 20X SSH, 15X IW, 10X Merkins, 10X slow Squats, 10X MC

Little baby jog to the baseball fields

3 stations of pain by bleachers and rail
1st round
10X pull-ups
10X dips
10X Carolina dry docks
Plank when done, plankarama by Strange Brew
2nd round
10X squats
10X setups each leg
10X pull ups

Little baby jog to football field with bunny hops up the steps on the way.

The Udder takes over. Line up on the end line of the end zone for some udderly awesome card play,
We went through the whole deck going up and down the field; see what each card meant for pain below:

Reps = 2,4,6,8,10
Diamonds = merkins
Hearts = ccv
Clubs = lbc
Spades = dollies
Jack = 10 yard sprint
Queen = 20 yard 75%
King = 30 yard 60%
Ace = 10 count recovery
Joker = burpies x last rep

Little baby jog around half the track

Line back up on the end line
Time for running jack webs
1 merkin 4 air presses run 20 yards, 2 merkins and 8 air presses run 20 yards, etc up to 8 merkins and 32 air presses with running 20 yards in between each.

The Udders Joker 8 burpees

Little baby jog to the bathroom, time for the Udders Chair AKA (peoples chair with hands straight out and then hands above) two times

Circle up in the parking lot for Mary

Oh wait 5 burpees first
11X dolley
11X freddy mercury
11X flutter
11X heels to heaven
11X mason twist

Strong work by the pax this morning, lots of respect going around at the end. Great idea Udder coming up with the different exercises using a deck of cards very creative keeps base camp interesting. Excellent poem read by Strange Brew in remembrance for those who gave their lives so we would have the freedoms we have today, very fitting for today. Thank you for taking us out too.

• Thunder Road
• Rock Thrill’s brothers 5K 4th Jan
• Dec 7th Christmas party
• Young Life 5K on charlotte motor speedway and church service afterwards
• Remember your 2nd and 3rd Fs

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