A51 – Turkey Burner

A51 – Turkey Burner

8 of the faiuthful and one 2.0 joined in for the weekly man maker called Area 51.  The weather was cold but, like it or not, evryone warmed up quickly.


YHC Part Uno:

Jog to lower field,

ssh x 25

iw x 25

squat x 25

MC x 25

LBC x 25

Play groung circuit – Pullups, dips, squats, crunches.  start with 10 each and work your way down to 1

peoples chair a few times

run to track, SSH x 25 at all 5 corners and finish off with squat x 25

peoples chair

jail break to play ground.

Turkey Leg Part Deux

Mosey to rockpile
Grab a big rock
Curls x20
Chest Press x20
Triceps press x20
Squat x20

Run the 800m+ TURKEY BURNER

Plank while waiting
Circle up for Mary
Dolly x25
Flutter x25
Bicycle x25
Backscratchers x25

Mosey to back of school for circuit
Burpees x10
Side hops over tires x10
Jump ups on stumps x10
Donkey kicks x10

Mosey to trail
Dips on benches x20
Lap on trail
Dips x20
Burpees x10

Line up and jailbreak run back to start
Winner: Lobster Roll



48 Hour old backblast, sorry for the delay.  at least the workout started on time.  Great work by the pax this morning, everyone stayed together and pushed hard.  The cold weather is thinning the herd a bit but the faithful continue to suit up – you know who you are and you’re the reason F3 contnues to grow. Dolphin showed us up by arriving for what was his 3rd workout of the morning.  Beast Mode.  Hats of to Twister, at age 50 he was our war daddy, aye!

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