Cold! What Cold?

Cold! What Cold?


With a frigid arctic blast arriving this weekend; conditions were ripe for a perfect workout.   13 men enter the gloom this morning for a beat down of the cold. 

The Thang:

Warm up
Mosey to the front of the school
20X SSH, 15X slow squats 10X IW, 10X merkins, 10X peter parkers

Little baby jog down to football field.

Line up on the sideline, do an exercise for 30 seconds 70% sprint across the field and back then plank
Round 1 Burpees 30seconds across and back
2 jump squats
3 merkins
4 lunges
5 Carolina dry docs

Plank exercises then keep lined up on sideline,
20X LBC, 10X dolleys, sprint to other side of the field
10X flutter, 10X Freddy Mercury, sprint to other side of the field
10X Rosalina, 10X mason twist, sprint to other side of the field
Protractor then run the long way around the track until we get back to bleachers

Planking exercises by smash

Mosey to the hill outside of the baseball field

Jacobs ladder to 5 with peter parkers at the top and parker peters at the bottom

Mosey to the bathrooms

30 seconds of peoples chair with 20 air presses repeat X3
Jail break lap around the parking lot with 4 merkins, 4 squats and 4 SSH to finish up.


Thank you Passport for letting me Q today, I hope your back gets better. Great job today pax, even if it was a tad bit nibbler.  Welcome FNG Relo Fireman Ed’s neighbor good work today, although that early morning mumble chatter did die down as the the workout began. Happy Birthday’s to Greyhound and Boomer.  I think Greyhound said he turned 28? 


  • 5K in Rock Hill January 4th for Rock Thrills brother
  • Young Life 5K in January
  • Dec 7th Christmas Party
  • November 10th football viewing party at Fox and Hound

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