Ball Retrieval Practice

Ball Retrieval Practice

16 PAX, including 3 FNGs, gathered for a foggy beatdown on the fields (and courts) of Outland this am.  Strong work by all.

–          Mosey to the back of the school behind the large collection of Cheeze – Wagons for COP.


–          SSH X30

–          IW X20

–          Merkin X20

–          Peter Parker X20

–          Parker Peter X20

Indian Run over to the H.S. Pitch (soccer field).

–          Jack Webb has just arrived, dang it!

  • 1 merkin / 4 air-presses
  • 2 merkins / 8 air-presses
  • Etc… Etc… up to 10 merkins & finishing w/ 40 air-presses

Mosey over to the courts for:

Tennis Work:

–          Suicide 11’s

  • Run the width of tennis court and back / Run the width of both tennis courts, 10 squats on the far end and back followed with a burpee.
  • Rinse & Repeat 9 squats / 2 burpees down the ladder with the finale’ being 1 squat and 10 burpees at the end.

Slow mosey back to the middle school for a little 02 deprivation recovery.

Wall work:

–  Peoples Chair (1 minute)

–  Peoples Chair (1 minute w/ 30 air-presses)

Handoff to CT(… and you thought the Wall Work was over)

–  Balls to the Wall
– Decline Merkins Feet on the Wall x5
– Peoples Chair (Continued)
– Speed squats x20
– Balls to the Wall
– Decline Merkins Feet on the Wall x5

Mosey to side of school

SHM (7 mins)
– Jump ups x20 (audible after 1st Set down to x10)
– Dips x20
– Walk the Plank Wide
– Walk the Plank Narrow
– repeato

Indian Run to ELem School
6 MoM
– LBC’s x20
– Freddy Mercury x15
– Reverse Plank
– Back Scratchers x15
– Cumberland County Viaduct Right
– Cumberland County Viaduct Left

Mosy back to Middle School
Mosey to Shovel Flag



Zip-A-Dee brought the pain in a big way with the suicides on the tennis courts this a.m.  Any Pax fotunate enough to partake in this a.m.’s pain dujour is ready for Wimbleton (Ball Retrieval only).

HB (Hairband) is becoming a beast (even though he had a little setback with “over celebrating his BIG 4.0 last week) and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come in such a short amount of time.  #dedicationandreadytolead / #welcometotheclubbrotherbwaaahaaahaahaa

Horsehead is also really coming into his own and proving to be a leader of the PAX.  All while managing to keep an eye on Boonedock who has crazy smoke-boots and is all over the place.  I think HH covers more ground than all of us on a weekly basis chasing him around.  Perhaps it’s time for Boonedock to Q it up and see how all of us older guys can keep up.

Chicken Dance, AYE brother – good luck at the SPARTAN BEAST and be safe.  You’re ready and will do great.  Just come home in one piece…..

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Hair Band
10 years ago

“Jump ups x20 (audible after 1st Set down to x10)”? What?! Audible?! I didn’t hear that!

I am not surprised by people lapping me, but that at least explains a little bit on that circuit.

#DeafMusician #MyAmpGoesToEleven

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