To Murph or not to Murph, there is no question

To Murph or not to Murph, there is no question

10 Pax entered the gloom for a Salt Lick/Far Side beat down.

The Thang

Salt Lick Beat Down

Jog to track
Karaoke Right
Karaoke Left
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Backward Run

Diamond Merkins
Mountain Climbers
Slow and Low Squats
Shoulder Presses

Jog to Playground for a Modified Murph

100 pullups
200 merkins
300 squats
Lap around parking lot after 10/20/30
10 total circuits

5 Minutes of Mary
Flutters, LBCs, Dollies

Far Side Beat Down

Ppls chair
Lunge walk
Derkins x 20
Lunge walk
Ppls chair

Tour de Campus
Wide arm derkins x 20
Ssh x 20
Series of 30yd runs and circle up for drills
Jack Webb x 10/40
Keep on with the tour including diamonds, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, you get the picture…

The Murph is no joke and it took many by surprise. It was 20 minutes of pure pain and suffering. Mercy required. Far Side’s impromptu tour was a crowd pleaser as well. Proves that the more you Q the easier it gets to inflict pain. Good to see you out after three weeks brother.

Welcome to FNG Hourglass (Agony headlock). Strong first showing brother and hope to see you out more often.

Sign ups for spring mud run will be closing in a week or so. Need more South Charlotte teams!

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10 years ago

Aye brothers…didn’t realize the Murph was optional!
Boys in Area51 like the #shoulderburn with a Murph and JackWebb
Came back out to McKee this AM, and added another round of pull-ups.

Enjoyed being in South Country with you all.

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