If it walks like a duck…

If it walks like a duck…


With our regularly scheduled Q on the DL (speedy recovery, Passport), the second string Q was called in to take the Pax through their paces.  9 Pax entered, 9 ducks emerged…

The Thang:

COP (in cadence):

  • 12 Slow Squat
  • 12 Side Straddle Hop
  • 12 Slow Squat
  • 12 Merkin
  • 12 Imperial Walker

Warm up complete, the pax jogged over to YHC’s car to pickup our toys:  KB, DB’s, and basketballs.

Circuit 1:

At concession stand:

  • 20 wall balls (using basketballs as YHC is fresh out of 10# or 20# balls) – from a low squat position, thrust the ball up to a point on the wall at least 10 feet high, catch the ball in a squat, and repeat.
  • 10 perkins – merkins with a focus on perfect form

On the baseball field:

  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 10 jumping lunges

At the playground:

  • 20 KB swings – using the KB or DB’s
  • 10 pullups or supine pullups

Rotate through each of the 3 stations until time is called (~ 20 min and 3 times though each station)

Gather back at the playground for the next circuit

Circuit 2:

At the concession stand:

  • 20 toe touches
  • 10 box jumps – ensuring full leg extension to lock out at the top

On the baseball field, from one base to another:

  • Bear crawl
  • Duck walk – assume a low squat position and walk, waddling like a duck – #crowdpleaser
  • Crab walk
  • Lunge walk (needs an animal name…)

At the playground:

  • 20 situps
  • 10 burpees

Rotate through each of the 3 stations until time is called (~ 20 min)

Transition the Q to Low Tide:

Jack Webb – to 5 & 20

Mary (in cadence):

  • 12 Slow Freddie Mercury (thanks, 49er)
  • 12 Mason Twist
  • 12 Dolly
  • 12 Flutter
  • Protractor – forever – #crowdpleaser, #makingfriends
  • 12 LBC

Mosey back to playground, retrieve toys, and return to YHC’s car



Passport was scheduled to Q today and bring some fresh air to Ascent, but emailed YHC yesterday that he’d injured his back.  (speedy recovery, brother)  So, to mix things up, YHC tried a few new things at Ascent, like the KB/DB swings, wall balls, & duck walks.  The KB/DB’s may be a keeper, esp if any of the pax has additional KB’s to bring.  The wall balls were ok too, although not quite as good as with a weighted ball, and this may make a reappearance.  The duck walks were much more difficult that they would seem.  Getting that low and then trying to walk does demand a lot of flexibility and balance, so we’ll see whether they make another appearance or not.

Great job by all the pax today.  Everyone pushed it hard, as evidenced by their breathing, so that’s all we can ask of ourselves.

Thanks for allowing me to lead today.  It’s always an honor.  (and, thanks for allowing Low Tide to put us through the protractor, his favorite.  If it makes you feel better, he said his abs were sore thereafter!)

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